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[Tokyo] Best Asian Restaurants in Kiba and Toyocho Areas Near Monzen-Nakacho

Explore a culinary paradise in Kiba and Toyocho, where various Asian restaurants in the heart of Koto Ward cater to those who appreciate exquisite cuisine. The delectable blend of flavors is influenced by a vibrant Asian community and thoughtful choices, appealing to both business professionals and tourists. Kiba and Toyocho are renowned for their diverse Asian restaurants that blend various cuisines and atmospheres. Dishes Japan recommends three exceptional places for you to explore.

MOC QUAN (モク屋)

MOC QUAN, a new Vietnamese restaurant in Toyocho opened in September 2023. It celebrates authentic Vietnamese culinary traditions with a fusion of flavors influenced by France and China. The menu features iconic dishes such as Pho, Banh My sandwiches, Goi Cuon spring rolls, and Nem Ran (Fried Spring Rolls), including a must-try slow-roasted pork belly. Conveniently located near Kiba Station, MOC QUAN offers a genuine Vietnamese dining experience praised for its flavors and ambiance.

Kamarupool (タンドールバルカマルプール)

Kamarupool, a renowned Indian restaurant, boasts a distinctive Tandoor oven that adds a touch of culinary magic to its offerings. The menu features inventive twists catering to the refined tastes of Japanese patrons. The Kamaru Lunch, a midday feast, includes curry, Naan, rice, and salad, with the option to upgrade to the Cheese Kulcha for an extra ¥200. Despite the supplementary charge, the Kamaru Lunch is popular for its generous portions, delightful flavors, and reasonable pricing. Kamarupool’s culinary expertise shines in Tandoor oven dishes, inviting patrons to savor the intricacies of Indian cuisine. The restaurant stands as an avant-garde establishment dedicated to exploring fresh dimensions in Indian culinary experiences for the discerning Japanese palate.

Khao Man Gai restaurant Pui (カオマンガイ専門店 プイ)

Khao Man Gai at Pui restaurant symbolizes Thai gastronomy, originating from Hainanese Chicken Rice. This Thai street food marvel, celebrated in niche eateries and even in Japan, features fragrant rice infused with chicken essence, succulent boiled chicken, and a tantalizing sauce. The dish is characterized by the juiciness of thigh meat and the divine richness of chicken skin. The Jasmine rice is seasoned with aromatic spices and chicken broth, while the sauce combines fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, garlic, chili, and Thai miso. Served with cucumber, coriander, and soup, Khao Man Gai is customizable, with the Khao Man Gai Special being the top recommendation at Thai Cuisine Pui in Tokyo’s Kiba, Koto-ku, offering an unforgettable dining experience. The lunchtime special features tender chicken, fluffy rice, and a refreshing soup, epitomizing the fusion of simplicity and exotic Thai spices—a true culinary masterpiece.

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