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[Tokyo] The 3 Best Affordable and Delicious Restaurants for Lunch Near Toranomon Hills


In the heart of Tokyo’s Minato Ward lies Toranomon, a district synonymous with towering office structures and bustling commercial hubs. Dominating this urban landscape is Toranomon Hills, home to the iconic Mori Tower, Business Tower, Residential Tower, and Station Tower. Its evolution into a “Global Business Center” has turned Toranomon Hills into more than just a complex; it’s now a dynamic portal uniting Tokyo with the global stage.

Toranomon isn’t just a concrete jungle; it’s a thriving ecosystem for international business, offering a rich and diverse environment. The district pulsates with choices for midday dining, presenting a smorgasbord of culinary delights – from authentic Japanese and tantalizing Western fare to savory Chinese, exquisite Italian, and a variety of trendy cafes. Amid this culinary abundance, Dishes Japan stands out, recommending three standout selections that encapsulate the essence of Japanese cuisine. Welcome to Toranomon – where business meets global sophistication, and lunch is an international adventure.

Toriyoshi (鳥与志)

Toriyoshi, located in Tokyo’s Toranomon district since 1990, is a renowned grilled chicken haven known for its meticulous preparation and diverse offerings. The restaurant features expertly seasoned chicken with house-crafted salt or sauces, tailored to each cut. The highlight is the “Yakitori Don” during lunch, showcasing various grilled chicken pieces on fluffy rice. Despite potential queues, Toriyoshi’s service is swift, minimizing wait times for patrons.

Mitsumura (うなぎ 天ぷら 光村)

Established in 1930, Mitsumura in Shimbashi is renowned for its Ebi kakiage-don during lunch, featuring succulent prawns and flavorful rice. Evening offerings include standalone eel and tempura creations, honoring Japanese culinary traditions. Eel is celebrated for its revitalizing properties, and tempura, influenced by Portuguese cuisine, features delicately coated ingredients with a flavorful dipping broth. Mitsumura emphasizes meticulous preparation, freshness, and impeccable hygiene. Its prime location near Toranomon Hills enhances accessibility.

Yamato (虎ノ門 鶏料理 やまと)

In April 2023, Yamato underwent a significant transformation, moving from Toranomon to a refined Japanese-style ambiance. Known for its dedication to poultry cuisine, Yamato offers a diverse menu featuring yakitori, sashimi, tataki, shabu-shabu, and tsukune hotpot. Highlights include chicken sashimi, confit of chicken wings, and the tsukune hotpot. Private chambers cater to various group sizes, creating an ideal setting for business events. The legendary Tori Hitsumabushi is a standout lunch dish, combining chicken sashimi, confit of chicken wings, and tsukune hotpot. Yamato’s convenient location near Toranomon Station ensures easy accessibility.

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