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Popular and Must-Visit Japanese Fast Food Chain: The Ultimate Tsukemen (Dipping Ramen Noodles) Guide

Explore Tokyo’s unique tsukemen specialty chains – Tsukemen Sharin, Tsujita, and Matsudo Tomita Menban. Tsukemen involves dipping cold noodles into hot soup for a distinct dining experience, preserving noodle texture and enhancing soup flavor. Tsukemen Sharin offers a daily delight with medium-thick noodles and a Japanese seafood-based broth. Tsujita stands out for its rich dipping sauce and diverse menu, while Matsudo Tomita Menban features intense dipping broth and slender noodles. Overall, Tsukemen Sharin emphasizes daily indulgence, while Tsujita and Matsudo Tomita Menban are renowned for robust dipping broths and noodles. Each establishment is highly recommended for a unique and universally acclaimed experience.

Tsukemen Sharin (舎鈴)

Sharin, a tsukemen expert, offers an immersive experience in the art of noodle and broth separation. The restaurant’s dedication to tsukemen is evident in its meticulously crafted medium-thick wheat noodles infused with Japanese seafood-based dashi, blending flavors of pork, chicken, and the essence of the sea. Sharin’s menu includes the basic tsukemen with various toppings, a specialty option with generous portions of chashu pork, and a dynamic seasonal and location-exclusive menu, showcasing the evolving Japanese ramen culture. The noodles provide a perfect balance of firmness and smoothness, while toppings achieve an exquisite equilibrium for a varied and delightful dining experience.

Tsujita (つじ田)

Tokyo’s Tsujita, a pioneer in pork bone and seafood dipping noodles, uses meticulously selected ingredients and specially made noodles for a unique culinary experience. Their black seven-spice blend, dating back to 1704, enhances the flavor. Since 2005, Tsujita has led Tokyo’s dipping noodle culture and expanded across Japan and the United States, notably in Los Angeles. The “Tsukemen-ryugi” philosophy guides the enjoyment of their noodles, urging patrons to savor different elements at various stages of the meal.

Matsudo Tomita Menban (松戸富田麺絆)

Chuka Soba Tomita, a renowned restaurant in Matsudo, Chiba, known for its award-winning Noukou Tonkotsu Gyokai Tsukemen, has opened its first branch in Tokyo. The restaurant, led by chef Osamu Tomita, is celebrated for its super thick pork bone fish broth soup, created through meticulous simmering, and features carefully selected ingredients, including rare raw soy sauce and high-quality domestic wheat for homemade noodles. Tomita, a descendant of tsukemen grand master Kazuo Yamagishi, has received four consecutive “Tokyo Ramen of the Year” awards, solidifying the establishment’s status as a leading and highly-regarded player in the industry.

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