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[Tokyo] Best Curry Udon Restaurants in Tokyo

Fusion Flavors: The Tale of Curry Udon’s Unique Japanese Origins

Curry udon, a beloved Japanese dish, owes its popularity to its fusion origins during the Meiji era, blending Japanese tastes with adapted curry and traditional udon noodles for a unique flavor and texture. This simple yet versatile dish features udon noodles served in a curry broth, allowing for customizable ingredients and preventing culinary monotony.

Its appeal extends to providing warmth in winter and a refreshing option in summer due to its spicy nature. Symbolizing the fusion of Western and Japanese cuisines, curry udon reflects Japan’s history of culinary integration with other cultures. As an original Japanese creation, it embodies Japanese creativity. This article spotlights Tokyo’s best curry udon spots, curated by Dishes Japan.

Konpira Chaya (手打ちうどんこんぴら茶屋)

Established in 1983, “Konpira Chaya” in Tokyo is a renowned destination for Sanuki udon enthusiasts. The proprietor, originally from Kagawa, aimed to share the true essence of Sanuki udon with Tokyo’s urbanites. While not prominently labeling it as “Sanuki,” the restaurant has gained enduring popularity. They are known for their chewy noodles and exquisite curry udon, which can be customized with various toppings. Konpira Chaya is not just a culinary spot but also a cultural icon tied to Japanese heritage. Located near Meguro Station, it has received media praise and celebrity endorsements, making it a recommended spot for an authentic Sanuki udon experience, though be prepared for potential queues due to its popularity.

Kagawa Ippuku Kanda Honten (香川一福 神田本店)

Kagawa Ippuku, an acclaimed udon restaurant, has received the Michelin Bib Gourmand award for three years in a row. They pride themselves on making freshly kneaded and boiled noodles. Their unique approach focuses on achieving a soft yet satisfying noodle texture that defies the traditional “firmness” of Sanuki udon. The meticulous process includes adjusting flour-to-water ratios daily, hand-kneading, and aging the noodles to perfect gluten formation. Boiling is done slowly to maintain ideal moisture content. The noodles are always freshly boiled, never pre-cooked. The noodles are complemented by an aromatic and flavorful broth sourced directly from Kagawa Prefecture, ensuring a genuine and delightful dining experience.

Curry Udon Hikari Tokyo (カレーうどん ひかり TOKYO)

“Curry Udon Hikari Tokyo,” nestled discreetly beyond Ikebukuro’s West Exit, is a hidden gem with a rich history dating back to 1986. Formerly known as “Konpei,” it underwent a renaissance in 2016, becoming “Hikari.” Descending an entrance staircase, patrons discover a charming two-story abode with an enchanting garden, offering an exclusive dining experience. The menu features the acclaimed “Otona-no-Curry Udon,” blending 20 homemade spices with succulent pork, mushrooms, and tofu in a flavorful broth. Customization options and unique variations like “Raclette Cheese-Topped Curry Udon” add to the culinary adventure. In the evening, the establishment transforms into an izakaya, offering inventive dishes and all-you-can-drink options. “Curry Udon Hikari Tokyo” is a cherished haven for curry udon enthusiasts, promising a unique and delightful dining experience.

Curry Udon Senkichi (カレーうどん 千吉)

Senkichi’s curry udon is a meticulously crafted sensory delight with over two decades of research. Their unique curry sauce combines 30+ spices, dashi broth, and milk for an unparalleled taste. Carefully crafted udon noodles and a commitment to quality set it apart. Senkichi offers a multi-sensory experience, from aromatic spices to the visual contrast of sauce and green onions, creating a flavor explosion that lingers on your taste buds. Don’t miss their special curry porridge, made by adding rice to the remaining soup for a satisfying treat.

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