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[Tokyo] Tokyo Food Guide: The Five Best Establishments for Yakitori-Don Around JR Tokyo Station

The Tokyo Food Guide highlights five exceptional establishments for Yakitori-Don around JR Tokyo Station. Isehiro Kyobashi Honten in Chuo-ku specializes in yakitori and presents a lunch menu featuring a variety of skewers, meticulously prepared with fresh, whole birds and complemented by flavorful ingredients. Eiichi, located on Yakitori Street, impresses with its limited lunch menu, featuring a must-try yakitori-don with perfectly grilled quail eggs, thigh meat, liver, and more, delivering a delightful dining experience since 1948. Toriken Honten in Nihonbashi Kayabacho offers an intimate yakitori izakaya experience, highlighting the succulent Tori-don during lunch with well-balanced seasoning. Yakitori Miyagawa, near Kayabacho Station, is renowned for its flavorful Yakitori-don, while Ogawa, established in 1939, stands out for its exclusive Yakitori-jyu lunchtime delicacy, showcasing charcoal-grilled chicken with a secret sauce on rice in a retro ambiance, making it a revered icon of traditional grilled chicken mastery.

Isehiro Kyobashi Honten (伊勢廣京橋本店)

Isehiro Kyobashi Honten is a specialized yakitori establishment located in Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. The lunch menu showcases an exquisite yakitori bowl, offering a diverse selection of eight varieties, including skewers of tenderloin, gizzard, scallion-wrapped options, dumplings, thigh meat, skin, liver assortments, salted thigh meat, and dumplings complemented by savory sauces. Furthermore, at Isehiro Kyobashi Honten, each morning, a freshly delivered whole bird undergoes meticulous preparation. It is skillfully dissected, and its succulence is fastidiously preserved through charcoal grilling over Ubame oak charcoal. This culinary finesse, combined with thoughtfully chosen ingredients such as Chijimi green onions, shiitake mushrooms, and shishito peppers, enables the presentation of a century-old flavor that remains unaltered, courtesy of masterful craftsmanship.

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Eiichi (栄一)

Eiichi, located on Kyobashi 1-chome, known as Yakitori Street, offers a culinary masterpiece with its limited lunch menu, featuring the must-try yakitori-don. Established in 1948, Eiichi delights customers with a symphony of flavors, including perfectly grilled quail eggs, tsukune, thigh meat, liver, and sunagimo (chicken gizzards). Each ingredient is expertly cooked, delivering a delightful dining experience. The accompanying chicken soup complements the dish perfectly. Despite potential waiting times, Eiichi’s yakitori-don is a meal worth savoring, making it a not-to-be-missed culinary experience.

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Toriken Honten (とり健本店)

Toriken Honten is situated in Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. This intimate-sized yakitori izakaya offers the Tori-don during lunch, showcasing grilled thigh meat with leeks, shishito peppers, and quail eggs, all delicately coated with a well-balanced sauce. The Tori-don is celebrated for its succulent chicken and refined seasoning, earning it favorable acclaim.

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Yakitori Miyagawa (やき鳥宮川)

Yakitori Miyagawa, a renowned restaurant in Nihonbashi-Kayabacho, Tokyo, is known for its flavorful Yakitori-don. Conveniently located near Kayabacho Station, the restaurant stands out for providing an authentic yakitori experience, with the Yakitori-don being a standout dish featuring liver, chicken gizzards, and chicken thigh with scallions. The lunch menu offers a diverse culinary journey, including the popular Karaage Set Meal and other delights. Given its popularity, the article suggests planning a visit wisely to enjoy the rich tapestry of Japanese flavors without the rush.

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Ogawa (おが和)

Established in 1939, Ogawa is a revered icon of traditional grilled chicken mastery, renowned for its exclusive “Yakitori-jyu” – a lunchtime delicacy featuring charcoal-grilled chicken with a secret sauce, served on rice. Operating exclusively during lunch hours, Ogawa’s menu centers around the expertly grilled chicken, infused with fragrant charcoal notes and complemented by a sweet and salty sauce. The retro ambiance, warm hospitality, and media acclaim position Ogawa as a culinary gem, offering a unique interpretation of Japan’s traditional Yakitori.

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