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[Tokyo] Best Restaurants in Ginza | Tokyo


Ginza, the ultimate hub of glamour, is not just a business district, but a paradise for culture, fashion, and gourmet enthusiasts. Amidst the bustling streets and the trendsetting boutiques, lies a fierce competition among various restaurants, cafes, and traditional Japanese eateries. The face of the business district, Ginza, has a reputation for offering a wide range of cost-effective lunches, which are highly popular among the office-goers.

From affordable lunch options that fit your budget to high-end restaurants that can be used for business entertainment, Ginza’s food scene is a culinary dream come true. And this time, we are going to take you on a gastronomic journey to the most popular restaurants in Ginza – the ones that require standing in line amidst a fiercely competitive gourmet area. So, brace yourself to explore the best of the best in the world of food as we unravel the secrets of Ginza’s culinary culture!

USHIGORO S. GINZA (うしごろエス銀座)

Ushigoro S. Ginza is a high-end restaurant located in Ginza, Tokyo. It offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere with 11 private rooms and a choice of five course menus. The restaurant specializes in A5-ranked Kuroge Wagyu, Sanda beef sourced from reputable ranches. The quality of the beef is excellent, featuring beautiful marbling. Signature dishes include thick-cut beef tongue, skirt steak, deep-fried wagyu fillet, and sukiyaki-style chuck flap beef. Reservations are recommended.

Tempura Iwai (天冨良いわ井)

Tempura Iwai is a high-end restaurant located in the Ginza 745 building. The husband-and-wife team offers an omakase course featuring fresh seasonal ingredients. The chef prepares the tempura in front of the ten-seat wooden counter, using Taihaku sesame oil for a light and crispy coating. The course consists of approximately thirteen different pieces, starting with prawns, and includes items like kiss fish, scallops, anago, and vegetables. The sea urchin tempura stands out for its creamy texture and rich umami taste. The chef serves customers until they are full, ensuring a satisfying dining experience.

Sushi Arai (鮨あらい)

Sushi Arai is a renowned sushi restaurant located in the basement of an office building in Ginza. Owned by Chef Yuichi Arai, who trained at prestigious establishments, the restaurant offers a simple interior with a main counter and a private room. The menu features high-quality maguro and Edomae-style sushi, with each piece slightly larger than standard size. It is recommended for business meetings or personal connections, and reservations are essential.

Tonkatsu Aoki Ginza (とんかつ檍銀座店)

Tonkatsu Aoki in Ginza serves premium pork dishes from Chiba Prefecture. They offer different cuts of pork with a crispy coating, including the popular Tokujo Katsu. The meals come with rice, pickles, cabbage, and pork and vegetable miso soup. The restaurant also provides a variety of salt flavors to choose from. The prices for the pork dishes are considered reasonable for Ginza.

Hachigou (銀座 八五)

Hachigou is a restaurant near Kabukiza Theater in Ginza, Tokyo. The owner, Chef Osamu Matsumura, opened the restaurant in 2018 and it quickly gained recognition, appearing in the Michelin Guide. Chef Matsumura, who previously worked as a head chef at a French restaurant, brings a fine-dining touch to Hachigou’s ramen. The soup is unique as it doesn’t use tare, a common ingredient in ramen, and instead combines various high-quality ingredients like chicken, duck, ham, and shellfish. The result is a visually simple yet sophisticated and memorable bowl of ramen. However, due to its popularity, the soup often runs out before closing time.

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