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Ginza, the ultimate hub of glamour, is not just a business district, but a paradise for culture, fashion, and gourmet enthusiasts. Amidst the bustling streets and the trendsetting boutiques, lies a fierce competition among various restaurants, cafes, and traditional Japanese eateries. The face of the business district, Ginza, has a reputation for offering a wide range of cost-effective lunches, which are highly popular among the office-goers.

From affordable lunch options that fit your budget to high-end restaurants that can be used for business entertainment, Ginza’s food scene is a culinary dream come true. And this time, we are going to take you on a gastronomic journey to the most popular restaurants in Ginza – the ones that require standing in line amidst a fiercely competitive gourmet area. So, brace yourself to explore the best of the best in the world of food as we unravel the secrets of Ginza’s culinary culture!

USHIGORO S. GINZA (うしごろエス銀座)

Ushigoro S. Ginza is located on the sixth floor of the multi-tenanted Ginza 777 ADC Building on Suzuran Street.

The Ushigoro group is a first-class brand signified by the letter “S” in its name. The letter represents five S’s: Select, Special, Stylish, Smart and Spirit. Ushigoro S procures beef from two highly acknowledged sources: Tamura and Kawagishi ranches which breed the A5-ranked Kuroge Wagyu, Sanda beef.

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Tempura Iwai (天冨良いわ井)

Tempura Iwai is on the sixth floor of the Ginza 745 building. Initially opened in 1998 in a street nearby, the restaurant is run by a husband and wife team. The husband is the owner-chef and the wife is the Okami (proprietress).  

There is a wooden counter with ten seats arrayed around it. The chef operates directly in front of the diners as he fries one piece of tempura at a time. Taihaku sesame oil is used to provide a light and crisp coating.  

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Sushi Arai (鮨あらい)

Sushi Arai is in the basement of an office building called Ruan in Ginza. Pass through the white noren (curtain) and you will see a very simple and sparsely decorated interior.  

Yuichi Arai, the owner chef, trained at the prestigious Ginza Kyubei for 10 years following his graduation from high school. Arai later worked at Sushisho for 6 years before opening Sushi Arai in late 2015.   

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Tonkatsu Aoki Ginza (とんかつ檍銀座店)

This restaurant is located on the first basement floor of a multi-tenanted building in Ginza 8-Chome. The exact location of the building can be confusing so it is recommended that you consult a google map. The restaurant is located directly across from Ginza Kyubey, a sushi restaurant.

The counter seats up to five people. In the rear of the restaurant, there are two tables that sit up to four people each and a single table that sits up to two people.

The Ginza branch serves the same pork that can be found in its Kamata and Daimon branches. Cuts of pork are from a premium pork brand called Hayashi SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) bred in nearby Chiba Prefecture. 

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Hachigou (銀座 八五)

Hachigou is located very close to Kabukiza Theater, slightly away from the lively main street of Ginza. 

The name of the restaurant is very simple; hachi (eight) and go (five). It is named after the floor area of 8.5 tsubo (circa 28 square meters) but also refers to Mt. Fuji. Anyone can reach the fifth station of Fuji with the use of public transportation, but it takes perseverance and dedication to reach the summit or the eighth station.  

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