Best Restaurants in Tokyo

[Tokyo] The 5 Best Restaurants for Lunch in Ningyocho, in the District of Nihonbashi, Walking Distance from Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT)


Ningyocho, located in the Chuo ward of Tokyo, is distinguished by the meticulously preserved ambiance of the Edo period within its streets. Moreover, the environs of Ningyocho host a plethora of gastronomic and retail establishments, contributing to its popularity among tourists.

Ningyocho serves as a convenient layover for visitors en route to Narita Airport or Haneda Airport, availing themselves of limousine buses departing from the Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT) in close proximity. The encompassing area of Ningyocho abounds with a diverse array of dining and retail establishments, thereby augmenting its allure for tourists.

Ogawa (おが和)

Established in 1939, Ogawa is a revered icon of traditional grilled chicken mastery, known for its exclusive lunchtime offering, “Yakitori-jyu.” The charcoal-grilled chicken, adorned with a secret sauce, symbolizes Ogawa’s culinary prowess. Operating only during lunch hours, the restaurant’s retro ambiance and warm hospitality contribute to its acclaim as a culinary gem. Ogawa’s unique interpretation of Japan’s traditional grilled chicken makes it a pilgrimage for those seeking an exceptional dining experience.

Tempura Nakayama (天ぷら中山)

Tempura Nakayama, located in Tokyo’s Ningyocho district, is a revered culinary gem rooted in tradition, dating back to the early Showa era. At its core is the “Kuro Ten-don” or “Black Tempura Bowl,” an iconic creation featured on “The Solitary Gourmet.” Beyond its visual appeal, the dish offers a symphony of flavors, blending tempura with a savory-sweet marinade enriched with soy essence. The Black Tempura Bowl evolves with the seasons, incorporating local ingredients in a dance dictated by the market’s rhythm. Amidst the echoes of tradition in Ningyocho, the restaurant’s allure is evident in the queues that form, creating a culinary journey and a dance with desire.

Sanyu (割烹 三友)

Sanyu, a renowned washoku restaurant since 1970, is famous for its fist-sized fried oysters during the October to April oyster season. Initially fried individually, the owner switched to batch frying, now serving around 10 kilograms of oysters daily. The technique involves gently applying flour and achieving a perfect fluffiness without crushing the oysters, showcasing culinary craftsmanship.

Taniya (讃岐うどん谷や)

Taniya, a culinary haven specializing in authentic Sanuki udon, offers a captivating experience rooted in the traditional Santate method. The proprietor’s expertise, honed at the esteemed “Moriya,” ensures precision in kneading, cutting, and boiling the handcrafted noodles. The open kitchen allows patrons to witness the artistry, while sizzling fried dishes complement the udon. Taniya’s signature “kake dashi” broth, prepared daily for over four hours with natural ingredients, promises a sensory delight. The udon-making ritual, tailored to the season, unveils choices like the revered “Kashiwa Tempura Tsuke Udon,” featuring chicken and vegetable tempura for a refined culinary journey.

Tonkatsu Kinuura (とんかつ衣浦)

Tonkatsu Kinuura in Ningyocho is not just a restaurant but a cozy and stylish haven with a nostalgic atmosphere. The standout dish is the flavorful loin cutlet, featuring crispy breading and homemade sauce, offering a heightened culinary experience. Opt for the mixed set for a culinary adventure with plump shrimp and varied textures. Experiment with lemon or tartar sauce for a refreshing journey of flavors. The shrimp fry stands out in the menu, making Tonkatsu Kinuura a must-try for prawn enthusiasts seeking delightful culinary experiences.

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