Best Restaurants in Tokyo

[Tokyo] Best Restaurants near Tokyo Station / Imperial Palace | Tokyo

Discover Tokyo Station’s diverse and delectable gourmet spots, a must-visit destination brimming with tourists year-round. Renowned lunch establishments battle it out for patronage, while the surrounding area is a gastronomic wonderland with a plethora of gourmet hotspots to choose from. Explore the foodie paradise accessible directly from the station’s gates and awaken your senses with the very best of Tokyo’s cuisine.

Sushi Namba (鮨なんば)

Sushi Namba is a restaurant in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, led by Chef Hidefumi Namba. It serves traditional sushi using high-quality ingredients. The restaurant emphasizes the importance of temperature in achieving the perfect taste. The omakase course includes appetizers and fifteen nigiri sushi pieces. Reservations are recommended.

Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara (炭火焼肉なかはら)

Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara is a modern and stylish yakiniku restaurant in Ichigaya. Chef Kentaro Nakahara serves a high-quality omakase course featuring A5 grade Kuroge Wagyu, including the famous Wagyu Tongue. The meal is accompanied by various cuts of beef, consommé soup, vegetable salad, and a dessert. Reservations are recommended.

Udon Maruka (うどん 丸香)

Maruka is a popular udon restaurant located in Tokyo’s Jimbocho district. Run by a chef from Kagawa Prefecture, known for its udon, the restaurant offers a simple menu with traditional udon options. The noodles are freshly made in-house and served with a light broth. The restaurant may close once the daily noodle supply runs out.

Katsukichi Shin-Maru Building (かつ吉 新丸ビル店)

Katsukichi is located on the fifth floor of the Shin-Marunouchi building near JR Tokyo Station. The restaurant features a traditional Japanese atmosphere with wood and antiques. They serve high-quality tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlets) prepared slowly in fresh vegetable oil. In addition to tonkatsu, the restaurant offers a “bishoku” course consisting of nine dishes, including appetizers, sashimi, and assorted deep-fried dishes such as prawns and oysters.

Kanda Tendonya (神田 天丼家)

Kanda Tendonya is a small, minimalist tendon restaurant in Tokyo. It has a simple interior, with an L-shaped counter and no background music. The menu offers two main dishes: Tendon and Ebi-Tendon. Customers choose their dish while in line and the size of rice serving after being seated. The ingredients include various seafood and vegetables. If customers finish a medium or large serving of rice, they are not charged extra. Kanda Tendonya is only open for lunch until 4 pm.

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