Best Restaurants in Tokyo

Best Restaurants near Tokyo Station / Imperial Palace | Tokyo

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Discover Tokyo Station’s diverse and delectable gourmet spots, a must-visit destination brimming with tourists year-round. Renowned lunch establishments battle it out for patronage, while the surrounding area is a gastronomic wonderland with a plethora of gourmet hotspots to choose from. Explore the foodie paradise accessible directly from the station’s gates and awaken your senses with the very best of Tokyo’s cuisine.

Sushi Namba (鮨なんば)

Sushi Namba is located in a space within Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, near the Imperial Hotel and Imperial Palace.

Chef Hidefumi Namba began work at a small sushi restaurant in Suginami-ward at age 20 then hopped around several central Tokyo sushi restaurants before becoming independent at the age of 32. In spring 2018 he passed along his first restaurant in Suginami-ward to his former apprentice and relocated to the new place to its current location.

Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara (炭火焼肉なかはら)

Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara is in Ichigaya, located in the outer moat of the Imperial Palace.

The interior is very modern and has a stylish color scheme of red, black and silver. It is not the typical design you normally find at Yakiniku joints.

Udon Maruka (うどん 丸香)

Maruka is in the backstreets of Jimbocho district, located in the outer moat of the Imperial Palace.

There is no chance you will miss Maruka: a long line leads up to a white noren (curtain) spelling out udon across the entrance. Udon lovers in Tokyo are well acquainted with this address. 

Katsukichi Shin-Maru Building (かつ吉 新丸ビル店)

Katsukichi is located on the fifth floor of Shin-Marunouchi building right across from the JR Tokyo Station.

The use of wood and various antiques creates an atmosphere of an old Japanese home. The counter is made of a 5-meter long solid zelkova timber. Entering the restaurant, you will face 500 “Soba-choko” (cups for soba dipping sauce) displayed on the wall.

Kanda Tendonya (神田 天丼家)

Kanda Tendonya is a cozy tendon (a bowl of rice topped with tempura) restaurant located in Jimbocho, Tokyo. The restaurant features an L-shaped white wooden counter with 10 seats. It is a simple eat-and-go restaurant with no background music. The only sounds you are likely to hear are the chef and staff tactfully preparing dishes and the touch of chopsticks on the bowl as customers enjoy their tendon. A spotless interior is equipped with only the bare minimum of utensils.

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