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[Tokyo] Shibuya Food Guide: Five Best Japanese Curry Restaurants in Shibuya You Must Visit

This Shibuya food guide highlights five must-visit Japanese curry restaurants in the area. Joto Curry Shibuya Honten, established in 1983, is renowned for its nationwide expansion and specializes in beef curry, offering a deep-rooted taste in Japanese culinary culture. Moyan Curry 246 Shibuya, established in 1997, is known for its healthful and delectable curry using original aged spices. Curry Kailas, a cozy family-run restaurant, offers authentic Japanese curry with customizable spice levels and various toppings. Pakupaku Morimori Shibuya, tracing its roots to the iconic 1990s “Pakumori Curry,” provides a nostalgic culinary experience with customizable rice and spice levels. Finally, Hokkaido Soup Curry Suage SHIBUYA, in Tokyo since 2019, prioritizes blending exquisite flavors and offers a diverse menu, including Shiretoko chicken and customizable options, celebrating Hokkaido’s gastronomic heritage in an immersive setting.

Joto Curry Shibuya Honten (上等カレー 渋谷本店)

Established in 1983, Joto Curry Shibuya Honten, a renowned curry restaurant in Shibuya, has expanded nationwide, specializing in beef curry. The Shibuya flagship serves as Tokyo’s outpost for Fukushima’s Joto Curry, offering the exquisite taste of beef curry deeply rooted in Japanese culinary culture. With a rich history and tradition, Joto Curry is a must-visit for curry enthusiasts and lovers of beef curry, providing a delectable culinary experience.

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Moyan Curry 246 Shibuya (もうやんカレー  246  渋谷店)

Moyan Curry 246 Shibuya serves healthful and delectable curry. Established in 1997 in Nishi-Shinjuku, it specializes in authentic, expertly crafted curry using original aged spices. The menu includes a rich vegetable curry, and during Happy Hour until 8 p.m., patrons can enjoy reasonably priced beverages. Moyan Curry is renowned for its vegetable-laden curry and aromatic, spice-infused tapas, making it unquestionably worth a visit.

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Curry Kailas (カリー カイラス)

Kailas is a cozy, family-run restaurant known for its authentic Japanese curry. With only 10 counter seats, it’s recommended to arrive early to avoid crowds. The menu offers five curry variants, including a signature katsu curry with crispy tonkatsu cutlets. Customers can customize spice levels at no extra cost and choose from various toppings. Kailas also provides complimentary self-serve side dishes, making it a satisfying and reasonably priced dining option for Japanese curry enthusiasts in Shibuya.

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Pakupaku Morimori Shibuya (カレー屋 パクパクもりもり 渋谷店)

Pakupaku Morimori Shibuya, located near Shibuya’s Shinsen Station, traces its roots to the iconic 1990s “Pakumori Curry” from Ichigaya, established in 1993. Undergoing a name change from “Curry-ya Pakumori,” the restaurant provides a nostalgic culinary experience, offering customizable rice and spice levels, a variety of toppings, and the renowned “Pakumori Curry.” Situated conveniently within a 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station on Dogenzaka, it stands as a highly accessible and esteemed destination for enthusiasts of Pakumori Curry and those yearning for a taste of nostalgia.

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Hokkaido Soup Curry Suage SHIBUYA (北海道スープカレー Suage  渋谷店)

Suage SHIBUYA, a Hokkaido Soup Curry establishment in Tokyo since 2019, prioritizes blending exquisite flavors. Its diverse menu, including Shiretoko chicken and customizable options, caters to discerning tastes. The Shibuya location, celebrated in Hokkaido, provides an immersive dining experience with an authentic and tranquil ambiance. In Japanese culture, soup curry signifies Hokkaido’s gastronomic heritage, contributing significantly to Japan’s culinary scene with its widespread appeal and pivotal role.

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