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[Tokyo] Best Tonkatsu Restaurants in Meguro | Tokyo

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Tonkatsu is a beloved Japanese dish prepared by coating pork with beaten egg and bread crumbs, then deep-frying it to achieve a delightful golden-brown crust. Typically, it is served as a set meal, known as “teishoku,” which includes cabbage, rice, miso soup, and mustard.

There are two primary cuts of pork commonly used for tonkatsu: rosu (loin cutlet) and hire (fillet cutlet). Rosu is juicier due to its marbled fat content, while hire is less fatty but more expensive, as it is sourced from a rarer part of the pig.

In this article, Dishes Japan will introduce you to two renowned tonkatsu restaurants located in Meguro.

Tonkatsu Katsuichi (とんかつかつ壱)

Katsuichi is a revered establishment in Meguro, Tokyo, dating back to 1985, known for traditional tonkatsu. It’s part of the “Tonkatsu Triumvirate” alongside Tonki and Taihou, all highly rated on Tabelog. Katsuichi’s specialty is its succulent and substantial tonkatsu with a delightful crunch. The menu offers various options like shrimp and oyster fry set meals, as well as pork loin cutlet curry. Located near Meguro Station, it’s a hidden gem popular among discerning diners. Katsuichi is a must-visit for those seeking exceptional tonkatsu.

Tonkatsu Tonki Meguro Honten (とんかつとんき目黒本店)

Tonkatsu Tonki, a renowned restaurant in Meguro, Tokyo, has a rich history dating back to 1939. They offer an immersive dining experience where skilled artisans craft tonkatsu with precision. The result is succulent meat with a delicate, crispy breading. The hospitality is exceptional, with unlimited servings of cabbage, rice, and tonjiru. This Meguro flagship is the origin of all “Tonkatsu Tonki” restaurants across the nation, known for their meticulous tonkatsu preparation, including a unique frying process and cutting technique, all served with generous portions of rice and tonjiru.

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