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[Shizuoka] Arai En Honten (荒井園 本店): Unraveling the Essence of Japanese Tea at Mount Fuji’s Base – Just a Car Ride Away from Gotemba Premium Outlets!


Savoring Japan’s Timeless Tea Legacy: Arai En’s Enchanting Elixir

Established in 1888 by Arai Tomokichi, Arai En’s rich legacy began with the cultivation of a splendid tea plantation in Gotemba City. Notably, in 1930, they earned the esteemed privilege of supplying tribute tea, igniting an unyielding commitment to advancing tea cultivation and refining processing techniques. Beyond the post-war era, Arai En’s dedication as commissioned tea producers and merchants ensured a steady supply of tea to neighboring farmers, fostering stability and prosperity.

Through the years, their steadfast devotion endures, embracing pioneering research in tea production and embracing the forefront of technological advancements. A fine cup of their tea, an orchestra of exquisite flavors and enthralling aromas, leaves an indelible mark of pleasure that lingers, even after a hiatus from sipping.


Central to Arai En’s distinctiveness lies the ever-flowing natural water, aptly named “Kinsei-sui Water,” an enchanting elixir flowing since its inception. Originating from Mount Fuji’s pristine snowmelt, this water gracefully journeys through the earth’s depths for over a century, culminating in a taste that is sweet and mellow. Notably, when used in culinary pursuits, it coaxes the fullest flavors from ingredients, rendering each grain of rice resplendently glossy. As if a cherished secret, both locals and far-flung travelers alike converge to draw from this coveted source.

A true testament to their mastery, Arai En lavishes special attention on delicate teas, skillfully harnessing the purity of Kinsei-sui Water in the delicate steaming process, leaving no room for blemishes. Embracing this natural gift in tea quality inspections and service, their stores serve tea brewed solely with Kinsei-sui Water. The prime hour to draw the most invigorating essence from this wellspring is the magical window between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. As the sun rises, immerse yourself in the vibrancy of this life-giving elixir.


Arai En’s legacy extends far beyond preserving Japan’s cherished tea culture; it actively engenders novel tea customs. Embracing traditional Japanese teas like sencha and kabusecha, and venturing into foreign realms with black tea and oolong tea, their commitment to local ingredients unveils natural aromas and flavors, captivating discerning palates. Notably, their reverence for Kinsei-sui Water manifests in water and dishes designed to perfectly complement tea, amplifying the allure of this time-honored elixir.


At the heart of Japan’s tea industry, Arai En champions progress, fostering collaboration with local farmers in quality control and innovative sales promotions. Their factory tours and immersive tea-picking experiences enchant visitors, deepening their appreciation and love for the history and artistry of tea-making. A treasured destination, Arai En’s charm draws enthusiasts from Shizuoka Prefecture and beyond. A pinnacle of their achievements, “Fujiyama Black Tea,” revered for its excellence, achieved distinction by securing the prestigious British Great Taste Awards. With an invitation to savor the essence of Japan’s captivating tea culture, a visit to Arai En is an unquestionably rewarding endeavor.


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