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[Hawaii] Ramen Bario Waikiki (らーめんバリ男 ハワイ ワイキキ店): Unveiling Ramen Magic in Waikiki – STIX Asia Introduces Ramen Bario to Delightful Acclaim


Ramen Bario: Tokyo’s Culinary Symphony Lands in Waikiki

Ramen Bario, a revered ramen haven nestled in Shimbashi, Tokyo, is now making its mark on the lively Waikiki scene. In December 2023, the doors swing open at STIX Asia, the bustling food hall on the lower level of Waikiki Shopping Plaza, heralding the arrival of Ramen Bario and its alluring culinary magic.

This ramen sanctuary traces its roots back to July 2010 when a fervent quest for ramen perfection commenced in Tokyo’s Shimbashi district. Fast forward to January 2017, and Hawaii welcomes the gastronomic delights of Bario in a food court in Ala Moana. Today, this ramen empire proudly boasts five locations in Tokyo and two in Hawaii, a testament to its steadfast commitment to spreading the joy of exceptional ramen.


At the core of Ramen Bario’s excellence lies the “Pursuit of Excellence 100% Tonkotsu Broth.” Picture carefully selected pork bones simmering for over 20 hours, crafting a broth that’s not only rich and creamy but also a celebration of pork umami. And let’s not overlook the House-Made Charsiu, a culinary masterpiece bathed in a secret soy-based sauce, promising a symphony of umami and a melt-in-the-mouth texture.


As for the noodles, three distinct soup varieties call for three types of meticulously crafted noodles, each an artful collaboration with the esteemed Sun Noodle company. It’s not just ramen; it’s a harmonious dance of flavors and textures, a culinary journey tailored to delight your senses.


Let’s step back and learn about Jiro-style ramen at Ramen Bario in Shimbashi, where tonkotsu-based broth and thick noodles take center stage. Envision generously thick “Washi Washi noodles,” an abundance of crisp bean sprouts, and the freedom to crown your bowl with garlic and pork fat. This is more than a bowl of ramen; it’s an experience. Jiro-style ramen is about going big—extra noodles, substantial portions of pork belly, and a lavish display of vegetables create a symphony of flavors and textures that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Ramen Bario isn’t merely a place to savor ramen; it’s a celebration of culinary artistry, a symphony of flavors orchestrated to perfection. Whether you find yourself in the heart of Tokyo or on the shores of Hawaii, immerse yourself in the ramen renaissance that is Ramen Bario.


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