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Dotonbori Kamukura Soup with Noodles (どうとんぼり神座): The Ramen Broth – A Unique Creation Defying Classification


Golden Flavor: The Story of Kamukura Ramen

Kamukura is a ramen chain primarily based in Osaka, offering a distinctive flavor. Founded in 1985, it took the founder a year and a half to perfect the prototype of the Kamukura flavor, culminating in the opening of the first branch in Dotombori in 1986. Subsequently, expanding to over 50 branches nationwide, it achieved its first overseas expansion in Hawaii in 2022.


Kamukura’s ramen is characterized by meticulous attention to its soup, noodles, and ingredients. The closely guarded secret of the soup, radiating a golden hue, is managed by select members of the owner’s family. The noodles are crafted from a blend of the finest quality wheat sourced globally, with artisans involved in noodle-making for years ensuring quality control based on daily conditions such as water temperature, room temperature, and humidity. Furthermore, Kamukura is particular about its ingredients, using domestically sourced vegetables and rice.


The unique flavor of Kamukura’s ramen is one of its highlights. The harmony of soy sauce and the sweetness of cabbage creates an exquisite balance, while the taste sensation upon ingestion and the lingering aftertaste become addictive with repeated consumption, evoking a nostalgic sensation.

Noteworthy among their offerings is the off-menu item “Ramen Zosui.” Ramen Zosui, with rice beneath the ramen noodles, is a delicacy irresistible to those fond of carbohydrates. The soup and rice blend to create a new flavor experience.

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