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[Tokyo & Kanagawa] Hakone Soba (名代 箱根そば): A Standing Soba Restaurant

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A Noodle Legacy Along the Odakyu Line

In the realm of soba restaurants nestled along the Odakyu Line, one name reigns supreme—Hakone Soba. This culinary gem, born in 1965, emerged as the pioneer on Platform 7 of Odakyu Shinjuku Station, where local trains found their temporary sanctuary. And like a torrential rainfall, its branches multiplied with fervor thereafter.

Yet, the enigmatic origins of “Hakone Soba” remain shrouded in uncertainty, leaving us pondering the true genesis of this venerable name. Could it be that the choice of such a title was a calculated maneuver to evoke wistful nostalgia for Hakone and allure an influx of train-bound admirers? Alas, even this supposition dances in the realm of speculation.

Regardless of the chosen establishment, Hakone Soba unveils an immaculate interior awash in pristine white tones, casting an ethereal aura of cleanliness. Its allure extends beyond mere aesthetics, beckoning a notable female clientele. The secret to its success lies in the artistry of freshly crafted noodles, lovingly produced and distributed by a subsidiary of its culinary empire. Furthermore, each store’s laborious dedication shines through as they meticulously handcraft their tantalizing tempura offerings. And let us not forget the foundation of their exquisite broth—a rich, regal elixir infused with the essence of granulated bonito flakes, presenting a consistent symphony of flavors across every cherished outpost.

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Ah, when Hakone Soba graces our conversations, one cannot help but be enticed by its crowning glory—Kakiage-Ten Soba, a timeless masterpiece. Whispers abound that this hallowed establishment birthed the legendary “Croquette Soba,” an audacious blend incorporating the humble potato. Yet, it is not just any croquette that graces this creation; behold, it is the resplendent curry croquette. Imagine the dance of textures and flavors—crispy breading whispering of golden oils, luscious sweetness from the potatoes, and the fiery embrace of curry spices. As this culinary marvel melds within the soup, flavors intermingle, granting an exquisite symphony for the palate.

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