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[Tokyo] Meat Winery Akihabara (ミートワイナリー 秋葉原店 熟成肉): Savor the Art of Aged Delicacies and Japanese Hamburger Steak at this Western-Style Izakaya

Meat Winery Akihabara 1

Meat Winery Akihabara: Refined Aged Meats and Global Wines in the Heart of Electric Town 

Meat Winery Akihabara, established in 2015, is a Western-style izakaya that holds considerable allure for aficionados of meat and wine. Situated just a three-minute stroll from the Akihabara Electric Town exit, it occupies the sixth floor of a diverse building within the chaotic cityscape—a space that, while refined, exudes an inviting atmosphere free from ostentation.

Upon entering, the focal point is the aging cellar, prominently visible beyond the register. Suspended within are aged cuts of beef loin and pork loin with bones, which, even in their unaltered state, offer ample palatability. The meats, already delectable, undergo additional care and attention to transform into aged delicacies, harmonizing seamlessly with an assortment of wines sourced from various corners of the globe.

Meat Winery Akihabara 2

A noteworthy aspect of this establishment is its weekday lunch offerings. The lunch-exclusive Japanese hamburger steak (hambagu), brimming with succulent juices, is accompanied by unlimited servings of rice and soup. Notably, the hambagu is exclusive to the lunch menu, and while incurring an extra charge, patrons have the option to order a double portion. Crafted from an original blend of ground meat, the hamburger is briefly oven-cooked to encapsulate its succulence. A single slice with a knife result in a veritable cascade of flavor, eliciting undeniable applause.

Meat Winery Akihabara 3

Enhanced with a medley of spices in the marinade, the hambagu is already delicious as is, yet patrons can further personalize their experience by selecting from a choice of Japanese-style, demi-glace, or mustard sauces. The harami steak, a constituent of aged meat, boasts tenderness and a rich flavor profile. Particularly, aged meats meticulously managed through the dry-aging process lend themselves to an array of exquisite meat dishes employing the sous-vide cooking method.

  • Name: Meat Winery Akihabara
  • Address: 4-4-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 
  • Phone: +81-(0)3-3527-1929
  • Hours: 11:30 – 17:00 & 17:00 – 23:00 
  • Closed On: Open Daily
  • Number of Seats: 45
  • Budget: Lunch: – JPY2,000 / Dinner: – JPY6,000 
  • Payment Options: Credit Cards Accepted

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