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[Tokyo] Mikokuyu (御谷湯): Public Bathhouse with Tokyo Skytree Views and Tattoo-Friendly Soaking

Mikokuyu 1

Mikokuyu: Tokyo’s Quintessential Onsen Oasis with Skytree Views and Obsidian Springs

Mikokuyu, located in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, is a revered public bathhouse beloved by locals and communal bathing enthusiasts. Founded in 1947, it underwent a 2015 renewal, becoming a five-story architectural gem. Patrons can enjoy rare and affordable thermal baths with unadulterated hot spring water for 520 yen. The distinctive black springs, including Mikokuyu’s, are highlighted by their obsidian hue.

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This five-story establishment offers an elevated experience, featuring semi-open-air baths with a Skytree view. The refurbished facility includes cypress tubs with three-tiered water temperatures (high, medium, and low). Whether enjoying a leisurely soak or the invigorating cycle of alternating baths, Mikokuyu provides a diverse bathing experience.

As a unique urban onsen, Mikokuyu invites visitors to immerse themselves in Japanese tradition. Notably, the bathhouse is open-minded towards tattooed individuals, though consultation with staff is recommended for those with tattoos.

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