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[Chiba] Teuchi Udon Z (手打ちうどんZ): A Highly Rated and Popular Udon Restaurant in Chiba, Situated West of Kujukuri Beach


Teuchi Udon Z: Chiba’s Culinary Gem Crafting Authentic Delights

Nestled in the charming Kiminomoriminam of Oamishirasato City, Chiba Prefecture, “Teuchi Udon Z” stands as a beacon of creative, handcrafted udon. With Chiba City lacking udon specialty restaurants, this spot has risen to fame, earning a place among Tabelog’s top 100 restaurants. Although JR Oami Station is the closest, a scenic 4-kilometer drive is a must for the full experience.

The restaurant takes pride in meticulously chosen ingredients, resulting in udon boasting robust chewiness and a broth so delightful that it captivates until the last drop. Indulge in distinguished handcrafted udon, where each bite reveals inherent deliciousness, and the broth promises a consistently enjoyable sip-by-sip experience.


Commitment resonates in every element, from flour to fish balls, curry, and sesame sauce, blended with care before the doors even opened. Sea salt from Seto Inland Sea and mineral-rich water from a deep well add a unique touch. Fresh sardines and homegrown vegetables enhance the nutrition-rich “tsukimi,” while the curry, slow-cooked daily, and sesame sauce ground in a traditional “suribachi” ensure an authentic taste of home.


“Teuchi Udon Z” tempts with a menu featuring praised delights like curry udon and duck udon. The former boasts mild spiciness and a light flavor, while the latter flaunts rich umami from condensed duck broth. Anticipate popularity, perhaps even queues, so plan your visit early for an experience that transcends expectations. 


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