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Young Donuts (ヤングドーナツ):  Popular Bite-Sized Doughnuts Produced and Sold by Miyata Seika

Young Donuts 1

Chewy Sweet Memories: The Story of Young Donuts by Miyata Seika

The confection known as “Young Donuts” is characterized by its chewy texture and moderate sweetness. Familiar to many from childhood, often enjoyed as a snack from traditional Japanese candy stores, this confectionery is produced by Miyata Seika.

Interestingly, Young Donuts originated from a larger product known as “Hito Kuchi Honey Donuts.” The latter, packaged in bulk, is portioned into trays of four, then marketed as Young Donuts. Both in flavor and form, they are nearly identical.

Remarkably affordable at 40 yen for a pack of four, they offer satisfying indulgence at a modest price point. Widely available in convenience stores, they remain a popular snack choice. Young Donuts come in various flavors, including chocolate.

Manufactured exclusively in Gifu Prefecture, Miyata Seika’s factory ensures consistent quality in every Young Donut. Despite the simplicity of its appeal and economical value, Young Donuts continue to be cherished by many as a nostalgic treat.

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