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Ginza Cozy Corner (銀座コージーコーナー): A Renowned Japanese Pastry Manufacturer and Retailer Specializing in Takeout Desserts, Offering Delightful W Shu Cream


Ginza Cozy Corner: Indulge in the W-shu Choux Cream Delicacy & Enjoy Monthly Savings on ‘Choux Cream Day

Discover the enchantment of Ginza Cozy Corner, a cherished Japanese patisserie renowned for its exquisite creations. Within an intimate setting, treat yourself to the extraordinary W-shu, a captivating delicacy priced at 240 yen. Picture a delicately baked choux pastry cradling a divine fusion of whipped cream and luscious custard, offering a symphony of flavors and an enchanting melting sensation.


This choux cream transcends the realm of dessert; it embodies a delicate balance between airy pastry and decadent cream, beckoning you to embark on a nuanced and subtly sweet culinary journey beyond the ordinary. Join us for a warm invitation to relish the unique charm of Ginza Cozy Corner and experience the defining equilibrium of our signature W-shu.

But that’s not all! Mark your calendars for the 19th of each month, as we celebrate “Choux Cream Day” with a 10% price reduction on delightful pastries. Seize this economically advantageous moment to indulge in the delight of delectable treats.

Official Website: https://www.cozycorner.co.jp

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