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[Tokyo] Itakuraya (人形焼本舗 板倉屋): Serving Ningyo-Yaki, a Japanese confection filled with Red Bean Paste, Since 1907 in Ningyocho


Nihonbashi’s Artisanal Gem: Itakuraya’s Delightful Ningyo-Yaki Mastery

Established in 1907 in the heart of Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Itakuraya is the artisanal haven for ningyo-yaki enthusiasts. Nestled along the charming streets of Nihonbashi, this venerable confectionery captivates with its delightful treats adorned with cheerful expressions. Devoted to time-honored craftsmanship, Itakuraya intricately crafts each ningyo-yaki by tightly packing sweet red bean paste within a delicately thin outer layer, unveiling a unique and vivid facial expression.

Employing age-old molds, every ningyo-yaki undergoes meticulous individual baking, followed by a restful overnight repose. A special technique, the “Betsudate-ho,” passed down through generations, enriches the dough with a lavish infusion of finely aerated, high-quality foam derived from carefully selected eggs and sugar, bringing forth a symphony of rich flavors. The batter is then vigorously aerated with a wooden spatula, incorporating wheat flour to produce a delicately fluffy yet resilient texture.

With an unwavering commitment to purity, Itakuraya shuns preservatives and additives in all raw materials. Under the watchful eye of skilled artisans, only premium ingredients are handpicked for production. Notably, Itakuraya has triumphed in rigorous inspections during the wholesale distribution to department stores, securing trust and recognition for its exceptional craftsmanship.

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