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[Tokyo] Yanagiya (高級鯛焼本舗 柳屋 創業大正五年): Famous Taiyaki (Fish-Shaped Waffle) Store since 1916 in Ningyocho


Yanagiya’s Taiyaki Delight: Artisanal Mastery in Every Fish-Shaped Bite

Yanagiya, a celebrated Japanese confectionery renowned for its expertise in crafting Taiyaki (fish-shaped waffles), takes great care in producing each piece. Utilizing custom molds and the skill of talented artisans, the Taiyaki boasts a chewy thin-skinned dough that encases a generous portion of red bean paste. The delicate balance between weightiness and sweetness in the acclaimed red bean paste is achieved through daily preparation, resulting in a refined taste that captivates the palate.


The thin and crispy outer layer of Yanagiya’s Taiyaki serves as the perfect complement to the rich Hokkaido adzuki bean filling, creating a freshly-made and flavorful center. Exclusively filled with whole red beans, these Taiyaki delights are available for orders starting at 180 yen per piece. This traditional Japanese confection has gained cultural significance and is often chosen for celebrations and souvenirs.


Yanagiya’s commitment to preserving Japan’s confectionery culture is evident in the Taiyaki’s distinctive flavor and popularity among tourists. It provides an excellent opportunity to experience the rich tradition of Japanese sweets. Moreover, the Monaka Ice Cream, available in vanilla and sweet red bean flavors, is another exquisite offering from Yanagiya, priced at 180 yen per piece. Those interested in purchasing only the Monaka Ice Cream are kindly requested to approach the staff directly without queuing up, as queues tend to form.


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