Japanese Snacks

Mochi Taro (餅太郎): Rice Cracker Snack with the Gentle Saltiness of a Crunchy Texture

Mochi Taro

Showa Bliss in Every Bite: Mochi Taro – Kado’s Vintage Culinary Tale

“Mochi Taro” is a delicious Japanese snack crafted by Kado Corporation. It is a petite fried rice cracker that made its debut in 1976. The packaging boasts a vintage aesthetic, featuring an elderly couple and Hanasaka Jiisan.

Measuring just 1 to 2 square centimeters, each bite-sized piece offers a crunchy texture with a subtle saltiness, providing a unique and delightful experience. Mochi Taro transcends being a mere snack; it transports you to the traditional Japanese flavors of the Showa era. Mochi Taro is cherished by many for its profound connection to Japan’s snack history and its ability to evoke fond memories.

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