What Exactly is Jiro Style Ramen? 

Exploring the Distinct World of Jiro-Inspired Ramen

“Jiro-inspired ramen” is a style influenced by the famous “Ramen Jiro,” known for its generous portions of noodles and ingredients. While it pays homage to Jiro’s style, it introduces unique innovations and is found across Japan, especially in Kanto and Kansai.

Notably, “Ramen Bario” in the Jiro-inspired category offers a distinct culinary approach. Bario’s ramen features a richer, emulsified pork bone broth, with garlic quantities determining titles like “Ikemen” (handsome) to “Bario.” Surprisingly, Bario’s ramen doesn’t include garlic as a standard ingredient; patrons can add it from a self-service counter.

Jiro-inspired ramen is known for its ample servings and rich flavors, but caution is needed due to its high calories. Some varieties have strong aromas like garlic and back fat, so consideration for others is vital. Those curious about Jiro-inspired ramen should try it themselves.

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