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[Tokyo] COCOFURO Masu-no-Yu (ますの湯): Tokyo’s Oasis of Relaxation – A Tattoo-Friendly Bathhouse Featuring Black Hot Spring, Carbonated Spring, and Tranquil Sauna


Tokyo’s Oasis of Tranquility: COCOFURO Masu-no-Yu – A Stylish Blend of Design and Health Retreat

COCOFURO Masu-no-Yu, located in Tokyo’s Ota Ward, is a stylish and rejuvenating public bathhouse, offering a unique blend of design and health amenities. The facility features freely flowing black hot spring baths, high-concentration carbonated spring baths, and a tranquil sauna room. The black hot spring water bath, set at a gentle 20 degrees Celsius, highlights its soothing properties, while the carbonated spring bath provides indulgent immersion and leaves the skin radiant.

The sauna room, with its dim lighting and meditative atmosphere, is a haven for pure relaxation. Sauna Day, held every third Thursday, transforms the warm carbonated spring into a refreshing cold water bath, allowing for a swift cooldown. Conveniently located near Kugahara Station, this traditional hot spring, with over 60 years of history, reopened in 2019, boasting renewed charm.

COCOFURO Masu-no-Yu goes beyond being a mere facility; it is a serene oasis and an invitation to escape the daily grind. For hot spring enthusiasts, it offers a firsthand experience of an exceptional retreat.

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