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[Tokyo] Fukagawa Onsen Tokiwayu (深川温泉 常盤湯): Affordable Bliss in the Fukagawa Area Located near the Sumida River – Tokyo’s Hot Spring Haven with Modern Sauna Amenities


Tokyo’s Historic Tokiwayu Transforms: Blend of Tradition and Innovation in Fukagawa Onsen Experience

Renewed in March 2023, Tokiwayu, a public bathhouse in Tokyo’s Koto Ward, seamlessly blends traditional Japanese architecture with modern amenities like carbonated springs. Now known as “Fukagawa Onsen Tokiwayu” post-rebranding, it preserves historical charm while providing cutting-edge facilities. 

The internal baths feature advanced elements like carbonated springs and silk baths, transcending simplicity. The men’s section boasts an automated low-temperature sauna, while the women’s section offers a traditional sauna. The men’s open-air space includes a sauna, cold water bath, natural hot spring, and relaxation zone, harmonizing historical ambiance with contemporary features.


For a modest five hundred yen, adults can enjoy solo bathing. A two-hour session, inclusive of sauna (unavailable for elementary school students), costs one thousand yen for men and nine hundred yen for women—remarkably affordable in Tokyo. Middle school students can partake for four hundred yen, and elementary school students for two hundred yen.

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