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[Kanagawa] Ryusenjino-yu (横濱スパヒルズ竜泉寺の湯): The Largest Hot Spring Facility in Kanagawa Prefecture

Ryusenjino-yu: Kanagawa’s Premier Hot Spring Oasis

The Ryusenjino-yu, the largest hot spring facility in Kanagawa Prefecture, boasts a large-scale natural hot spring and rock bathing facility nestled in Yokohama City.

Featuring three types of carbonated springs—high-concentration springs, dozing springs, and rainbow springs—each offers a unique relaxation experience. Additionally, various bath options cater to diverse preferences, including baths with temperatures akin to the human body, electric baths, and jet baths.

Sauna enthusiasts can indulge in two distinct experiences: the Auto Loyly Yellow Soil Sauna and the aromatic salt sauna. The Auto Loyly sauna induces instant sweating and thermotherapy effects through regular water pouring, while yellow soil tiles in this sauna promote detoxification and far-infrared benefits. Meanwhile, the aromatic salt sauna provides gentle relaxation, stress reduction, and enhances skin smoothness through salt massage.

For a holistic rejuvenation of body and mind, visitors can unwind in the rock bathing lounge known as “Forest Villa.” This sanctuary offers various resting spaces, including a rock bathing area, lounge, book library, workspace, log shelter, and reclining area with a TV.

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