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[Tokyo] Takanoyu (COCOFURO たかの湯): Tattoo-Friendly Bliss – Ota Ward’s Takanoyu Unveils High-Temperature Auto-Loyly Sauna, Just South of JR Kamata Station

Takanoyu 1

Immerse in Luxury: Takanoyu’s Unique Sauna Experience

Takanoyu in Ota Ward is a renowned public bathhouse celebrated for its unique sauna facilities. Embracing a designer ethos, it proudly features an integrated high-temperature auto-loyly sauna. Noteworthy is the inclusive policy, welcoming individuals with tattoos to partake in the immersive bathing experience.

The hot bath, with temperatures ranging from 43 to 45 degrees Celsius, provides a distinctive warmth unmatched by other bathing options. Indulge in a skin-beautifying carbonated spring and immerse yourself in a frigid bath with a depth of 90 centimeters. The sauna adventure boasts a 90-degree Celsius auto-Loyly, offering rhythmic music accompaniment every 20 minutes.

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