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[Tokyo] Where to Eat in Shimbashi for Solo Diners: Recommended Restaurants in the New Shimbashi Building

Ippekoppe 2

Discover solo dining in Shimbashi at recommended restaurants in the New Shimbashi Building. Start with Musashiya, an esteemed Western-style spot since 1885, known for Napolitan and quick service. Buta Daigaku Shimbashi offers an intimate atmosphere and renowned pork bowl creations, including the signature “Buta Daigaku Graduate School” with succulent pork belly. Tonkatsu Aoki’s Ippekoppe Shimbashi branch, with eight counter seats, provides an exceptional dining adventure with meticulously crafted domestic pork tonkatsu and legendary curry options. Nikumeshi Okamoto Shimbashi Branch is a remarkable eatery known for “Niku-meshi” featuring succulent beef sukiyaki on perfectly cooked rice, offering variations like “Niku Tamameshi” and “Gyu Suki-Niku-Meshi,” blending tradition with innovation for a captivating culinary journey.

Musashiya (むさしや)

Musashiya, an esteemed Western-style dining establishment since 1885, is known for its Napolitan (Japanese ketchup spaghetti). Located on the ground floor of the New Shimbashi Building, it offers an L-shaped counter with 8 seats, providing a view of the interior through a curtain-like veil. The small size and quick service cater to busy salarymen, allowing orders while waiting in line and payment upon being served. The menu features various Western dishes, with the popular omelette rice having a surprisingly deep flavor. Musashiya is described as a quick, cheap, and delicious option for those with limited time.

Buta Daigaku Shimbashi (豚大学 新橋校舎)

Buta Daigaku Shimbashi is celebrated for its pork bowl creations. The restaurant offers an immersive experience with only 13 counter seats, creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. The signature dish, “Buta Daigaku Graduate School,” features succulent pork belly in a savory-sweet sauce, available in various sizes. The establishment stands out as a sanctuary for pork bowl enthusiasts, providing a welcoming environment to savor the dish’s juicy and fragrant qualities along with a diverse array of toppings.

Tonkatsu Aoki-no-Curry-ya Ippekoppe Shimbashi Branch (とんかつ檍のカレー屋 いっぺこっぺ 新橋店)

Tonkatsu Aoki’s Ippekoppe Shimbashi branch is renowned for its meticulously crafted domestic pork tonkatsu and dedication to culinary excellence since 2010. With only eight counter seats, the Shimbashi branch offers an intimate dining experience. The curry, made with Homemade Curry Magic, is legendary, with the Rosukatsu Curry and Katsudon standing out. The Rosukatsu Curry features succulent pork loin katsu with a crispy coating, creating a harmonious blend with the curry. Whether you’re a curry connoisseur or a first-timer, the Shimbashi branch promises an exceptional dining adventure with authentic Japanese curry and a symphony of flavors that will leave you craving for more.

Nikumeshi Okamoto Shimbashi Branch (肉めし岡もと 新橋店)

Nikumeshi Okamoto Shimbashi Branch is a remarkable eatery known for its pièce de résistance, “Niku-meshi” or “meat rice.” The dish features succulent beef sukiyaki on perfectly cooked rice, offering a symphony of flavors from a rich broth infused with simmered meat, tofu, and secret seasoning. Beyond the dish, the restaurant exudes nostalgia for a bygone era, catering to the fast-paced lives of salarymen in Shimbashi. As a torchbearer of the traditional nikumeshi-ya, the eatery balances heritage and innovation. The menu includes variations like “Niku Tamameshi” and “Gyu Suki-Niku-Meshi,” providing a captivating culinary journey that combines tradition with innovation. The article invites readers to savor the meaty delight of nikumeshi, praising its melt-in-your-mouth texture and delightful sweetness.

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