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[Gunma] Donguri (洋風レストラン どんぐり): Kusatsu Onsen’s Premier Western Delight

Donguri 1

Discover Donguri: Kusatsu Onsen’s Hidden Culinary Gem

Nestled within the lush surroundings of Kusatsu Onsen lies “Donguri,” a culinary haven celebrated for its Western gastronomy. Its name, a nod to the owner’s idyllic childhood amidst oak trees and acorns, sets the stage for a charming, rustic atmosphere where timber’s warmth meets tranquility.

The menu is a symphony of Western delights, meticulously crafted from locally sourced ingredients. Amidst this culinary ensemble, the pièce de résistance is the Hamburger Curry – a marriage of succulent hamburger atop fragrant steamed rice, enveloped in a rich, velvety curry sauce. Each bite of the tender hamburger releases a burst of succulence, complemented by the nuanced flavors of ketchup and demi-glace in the curry.

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This harmonious union of hamburger and curry offers an invigorating gustatory experience, while the Katsu Curry, featuring a crisp pork cutlet atop abundant curry, has gained its own following. The pork cutlet’s careful preparation, the slow sautéing of vegetables, and the infusion of consommé and curry roux result in a matchless blend of flavors, further enhanced by a silky egg and tantalizing spices.

Despite its discreet locale amidst Kusatsu Onsen, Donguri draws a loyal local and regular clientele, eclipsing transient tourists. Its reputation, carried through word of mouth and media acclaim, speaks to its authenticity and unparalleled satisfaction. In a region where traditional Japanese cuisine reigns supreme, Donguri beckons those seeking Western indulgence or families embarking on a culinary adventure, all conveniently located just a ten-minute stroll from Kusatsu Onsen Yubatake, nestled in a residential oasis.

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