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Butayama (豚山): Unleashing Japan’s Ramen Excellence

The Savory Gift of Pork-Packed Ramen Delights

Butayama is a renowned ramen chain that showcases Japan’s diverse ramen scene with its exceptional pork-based broth and enticing toppings. As part of the Gift Holdings group, Butayama fearlessly shares the gift of ramen, offering flavorful soups, succulent pork, and fresh vegetables. Its name, meaning “pig mountain” in Japanese, pays tribute to its pork-infused creations.

At the heart of Butayama’s culinary expertise is its meticulously brewed broth, simmered for hours with abundant pork meat and bones, resulting in a savory essence. The noodles, made from premium oceanic flour, provide a firm and satisfying texture. Topped with slow-cooked soft-boiled pork, crisp cabbage, bean sprouts, green onions, and garlic, Butayama’s dishes create a harmonious symphony of flavors. The menu also includes spicy miso, soy sauce, salt-infused options, and delicious tsukemen (dipping noodles) for those seeking variety.

Drawing a devoted following of ramen enthusiasts, Butayama guarantees a gratifying experience. Generous portions bursting with intense flavors tantalize the senses, while the tender pork melts in the mouth. Fresh vegetables add a delightful crunch without overpowering the rich and creamy soup. The cheerful staff enhances the vibrant atmosphere, greeting patrons warmly and enhancing the overall dining experience.

As a beloved chain, Butayama has gained a revered status in Japan, with over 20 branches mainly in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures. Its devoted fans on social media platforms have praised its offerings.

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