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[Tokyo] Kitchen Okada (キッチン岡田): Showa Era Charm and Delicious Set Meals in Tokyo

Kitchen Okada 1

Kitchen Okada: A Cozy Haven for Business Lunches in Tokyo’s Minato Ward

Nestled in Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato Ward, Tokyo, just a five-minute stroll from Uchisaiwaicho Station, Kitchen Okada is a beloved haven for businesspeople. This Western-style restaurant captivates guests with its long, L-shaped counter stretching into the heart of the establishment.

Kitchen Okada 2

Managed solely by its dedicated owner, this small, counter-only space evokes a warm reminiscence of the Showa era. Adding to the restaurant’s unique charm is its open kitchen, where diners can witness the vigorous cooking process, heightening their anticipation and appetite. The menu offers reasonably priced, generously portioned set meals, pilaf, and curry, catering perfectly to those seeking a leisurely lunch alone or with colleagues.

Kitchen Okada 3

Among the popular offerings, the A set meal, priced at 750 yen, features fried shrimp, a cream croquette, a pork fillet cutlet, and ginger pork. Equally enticing, the B set meal, also at 750 yen, includes fried shrimp, a cream croquette, a pork fillet cutlet, and a hamburger steak. Both the ginger pork and hamburger steak are served simmering in individual pots, substantial despite their single-serving nature.

Kitchen Okada 4
  • Name: Kitchen Okada
  • Address:  2-6-1 Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 
  • Phone: +81-(0)3-3508-7759
  • Hours: 11:00 – 14:05  
  • Closed On: Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays
  • Number of Seats: 10
  • Budget: – JPY1,000 
  • Payment Options: Cash Only

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