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[Tokyo] Marui (もつ焼き まるい): Exclusive Izakaya Experience with Fresh Horse Sashimi Near Tokyo Skytree


Marui: Culinary Excellence in Tokyo’s Exclusive Gem

Marui is an exclusive establishment that requires reservations for a seat; without one, be prepared for an extended wait. Boasting a rich history dating back to its founding in 1984, Marui is a hidden gem known only to those in the inner circles of culinary connoisseurs. Unveiling secrets from the proprietor, the establishment’s roots trace back to a bygone era when they operated a butcher shop for nearly a decade.


As you ascend to the first and second floors, a distinctive charm unfolds. The first floor welcomes you with a solitary table and counter, while the second floor beckons with a low table and plush cushions. The atmosphere mirrors the nostalgic allure of an antique countryside relative’s abode, enveloping you in a feeling of familial visitation.

Located just a brief 10-minute stroll from the iconic Tokyo Skytree, Marui is not merely an izakaya; it’s a culinary haven. The ambiance radiates warmth, and the flavors are nothing short of extraordinary. The visionary proprietor, a self-taught maestro, has crafted a menu that strikes a harmonious balance between simplicity and boldness, offering a diverse selection that satisfies both the palate and the pocket.


Let’s delve into the culinary delights – the horse sashimi steals the spotlight with its impressive thickness, igniting enthusiasm through its visual allure. No unpleasant odors linger; instead, the meat is tender, releasing savory essence with every bite. Dip it in a concoction of soy sauce and garlic for a delightful experience, or savor it with sesame oil and a sprinkle of salt for an equally delectable journey.


The beef stew, a symphony of flavors, brims with tripe and a sweet, fatty taste. Its delicate lightness avoids the trap of becoming overwhelming. Yet, beneath this lightness, the stew reveals a deep, rich broth that infuses even the daikon radish, transforming each bite into a blissful experience.


The veal roast beef captivates with a smoky aroma, a crisply seared surface, and a juicy, slightly cooked layer, inviting you to effortlessly savor the meaty thickness of the rare, pink section. A culinary adventure is incomplete without the classic intestine, known as “Shiro,” celebrated for its tender chewiness and an exquisite sauce that elevates the entire dining experience.

  • Name: Marui
  • Address: 3-1-1 Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  • Phone: +81-(0)3-3624-0205
  • Hours: Monday through Friday 17:00 – 22:00 / Saturday 16:00 – 22:00 
  • Closed On: Sundays
  • Number of Seats: 30
  • Budget: – JPY5,000 
  • Payment Options: Cash Only

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