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[Tokyo] Moyan Curry Kyobashi Branch (もうやんカレー Tokyo 京橋店): All-You-Can-Eat Curry Lunch Buffet in Kyobashi, Close to Ginza

Indulge in European Elegance: Moyan Curry’s Gluten-Free Mastery and Irresistible Lunch Buffet!

Moyan Curry Kyobashi Branch invites you into a realm of European-style curry expertise. Its crown jewel is the gluten-free curry sauce, meticulously matured over two weeks with a symphony of 8 vegetables, fruits, and 26 spices, resulting in a robust yet refreshingly palatable flavor. Complementing this culinary masterpiece is the health-conscious and visually appealing ‘Chinese Herbal Sprouted Brown Rice with Olive Oil.’

But wait, there’s more! Immerse yourself in a lunchtime feast with the enticing ‘Lunch Buffet’ at Moyan Curry Kyobashi Branch. For a mere 1,300 yen, curry enthusiasts indulge in unlimited servings of curry and delectable side dishes. This gastronomic journey, considerate of health and beauty, aligns seamlessly with modern lifestyles. Moyan Curry heralds a new chapter in Japan’s curry culture, inviting aficionados to an exploration-worthy experience.

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