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[Yamanashi] Nakamura Nojo (中村農場): The Best Oyakodon Restaurant in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

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Discover Yamanashi Prefecture’s Gastronomic Gem: Nakamura Nojo’s Oyakodon with Kaiji Shamo and Yatsugatake Eggs

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Nakamura Nojo, where culinary perfection is crafted with passion and devotion. Led by the visionary director, Mr. Tsutomu Nakamura, this esteemed agricultural establishment has embarked on a remarkable journey to create an unparalleled rendition of Japan’s beloved dish, Oyakodon.

The secret to Nakamura Nojo’s success lies in their self-developed, proprietary breeds. Their offerings include the delectable “Kaiji Shamo” chicken meat and the enticing “Yatsugatake Eggs,” each boasting unique characteristics in taste, color, and size. What sets them apart is their meticulous crafting of a proprietary feed formulation using the finest grains and vegetables. This infusion of sweetness, umami, and a lingering aftertaste ensures unmatched succulence.

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Nestled amidst the breathtaking southern foothills of Mount Yatsugatake, at an elevation of 1,050 meters, Nakamura Nojo’s poultry enjoy a truly idyllic upbringing. Surrounded by abundant water and pristine air, every aspect of their well-being is carefully considered, from climate adjustments to seasonal variations. This harmonious blend of livestock husbandry and agriculture creates a highly efficient production process where even waste finds purpose, transforming into fertilizer for vegetable fields and energy.

But Nakamura Nojo’s dedication doesn’t stop at production. They strive to create a delightful culinary experience for their customers, leaving them with radiant smiles. Whether through their direct sales outlets, dining establishments, or online store, patrons can indulge in the pleasure of acquiring fresh and delicious provisions that enhance the joy of home dining.

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To deepen customers’ understanding of gastronomy, Nakamura Nojo invites them to their experiential farm. Here, guests can engage in activities such as tending to chickens, collecting eggs, and even learning the art of crafting Oyakodon. Through these immersive experiences, Nakamura Nojo instills a desire to appreciate and participate in the culinary process.

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At the heart of their menu lies their masterpiece, the “Special Oyakodon.” This signature dish showcases the skillful preparation of the esteemed “Kaiji Shamo” chicken meat and the sublime “Yatsugatake Eggs.” With ingredients cultivated in their very own farm, Nakamura Nojo presents the epitome of culinary excellence, inviting you to savor the true essence of their passion and craftsmanship.

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