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Ringer Hut (長崎ちゃんぽん リンガーハット): Championing Autumn and Winter with the Exclusive ‘Kaki Champon’


Embrace the Seasonal Elegance: Ringer Hut’s Kaki Champon Delights Await!

Amidst the embrace of autumn and winter, Ringer Hut‘s Kaki Champon emerges as a transitory seasonal gem. An exquisite symphony of flavors comes to life as domestically sourced oysters, swathed in the velvety caress of soy milk cream butter, harmoniously unite with a special miso soup. This delectable creation, a pinnacle of culinary artistry, seduces discerning palates with its opulent and savory essence.

The allure of Kaki Champon transcends mere taste, as it graces Ringer Hut’s menu with distinction. Available in sets of 2, 3, 4, and an opulent 10-piece edition, although the latter’s availability is limited. It disappears, like a fleeting wisp of culinary delight, once the stock is exhausted. To relish this evanescent indulgence, promptness is imperative.

In the crisp embrace of autumn and winter, oysters attain their zenith, igniting a gastronomic spectacle across dining establishments. These maritime treasures, often referred to as the “milk of the sea,” are celebrated for their profound nutritional worth, boasting a wealth of essential minerals such as zinc and iron, along with vital amino acids like taurine. Prices, spanning from 980 yen for the regular size to 3,380 yen (inclusive of tax), unveil the portal to this extraordinary gastronomic odyssey.

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