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[Tokyo] Takase Ikebukuro Honten (タカセ 池袋本店): A Western Dining Gem in Ikebukuro Since 1920


Takase Ikebukuro Honten: Pioneers of Japanese Western Dining Culture

Established in 1920, Takase Ikebukuro Honten is a revered institution in the realm of confectionery. Back in its inception, the notion of Western-style confections was a rarity, often cloaked in opulence. Yet, Takase made a deliberate choice to democratize Western sweets, extending them to the common man at reasonable prices. Over time, they diversified, introducing Western-style restaurants and cafes, mirroring the burgeoning vibrancy of Ikebukuro as an urban hub. Today, this establishment is a multi-tiered marvel – the ground floor houses a bakery and confectionery section, while the second floor hosts a charming tea room (Kissaten), the third floor accommodates a restaurant, and the ninth floor offers an observation coffee lounge. Additionally, a separate annex, named Coffee Salon Takase, serves as an enchanting bakery café.

The main attraction of Takase Ikebukuro Honten lies in its extensive array of delectable offerings. The bakery tempts with freshly baked bread and sandwiches, while the confectionery section tantalizes with seasonal cakes and baked goods. The tea room beckons with its delectable homemade sweets, including anmitsu and parfaits. The restaurant, on the other hand, indulges patrons with succulent hamburg steaks and omelette rice, among other Western delights. Lastly, the observation coffee lounge offers a panoramic view of Ikebukuro Station, where one can savor coffee and light fare.


Dishes Japan opts for the Omu Curry, short for Omurice Curry, a tantalizing dish that involves generously pouring curry over omurice. Omurice, a Japanese creation, combines rice infused with ketchup, lovingly wrapped in a delicate egg blanket. Omu Curry orchestrates a harmonious symphony of fluffy eggs and spicy curry, a delight found in various Western-style establishments and family restaurants across Japan, captivating palates from young to old.

For those seeking an affordable indulgence, the second-floor tea room at Takase Ikebukuro Honten presents a cake set that changes with the seasons. Of particular note is the Mont Blanc, Takase’s pièce de résistance, renowned for its opulent chestnut-infused flavor. Mont Blanc, a seasonal delicacy in Japan, adored during the autumn and winter months, is a cherished treat for chestnut enthusiasts.


The interior envelops patrons in a nostalgic, retro ambiance, inviting them to relish the bygone era of Western dining culture. Positioned just a minute’s stroll from Ikebukuro Station’s eastern exit, Takase Ikebukuro Honten boasts a prime location, ensuring convenient access. It serves as a portal to experience the historical significance and enchantment of Japan’s Western dining culture.

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