Japanese Snacks

HAKATA-KOHAKU: A Journey Through Japanese Confections


Dango Delights: Traditional and Innovative Japanese Confections at HAKATA-KOHAKU

HAKATA-KOHAKU is a haven for enthusiasts of traditional Japanese confectionery. From conventional to innovative, this establishment boasts a diverse range of dango that transcends the ordinary. Explore the extensive variety, featuring seasonal, handmade creative confections. These include not only traditional dango but also skewered and cupped varieties, along with a visually delightful selection of over 100 meticulously crafted items, including authentic warabimochi.


HAKATA-KOHAKU provides retail access for enjoying and purchasing individual servings of their delectable dango. One standout option is the Strawberry Milk An-dango, skillfully crafted with abundant strawberry juice, rich condensed milk, and white bean paste. For citrus enthusiasts, the Mikan An-dango is a must-try, featuring a blend of sweet and tangy mandarin orange juice with a white bean paste base, delivering a delightful fruity finish.


We recommend that you check the nearest retail store from your location.

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