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[Tokyo] Oniyanma Shimbashi (おにやんま 新橋店): Essential Queueing at Shinbashi’s Popular Standing Udon Eatery


Oniyanma: Crafting Udon Perfection, A Culinary Journey from Dawn to Dusk

The esteemed Oniyanma, carefully selected among the elite of Udon Hyakumeiten, stands as a sanctuary for the city’s workforce. Originating in 2010 at the Gotanda flagship, it embarked on its journey as a provider of morning delights in the authentic Sanuki style. The initially petite standing-style eatery, hosting a mere ten patrons, swiftly evolved into a must-visit, queue-worthy phenomenon. Three years later, the Shimbashi branch emerged, retaining the same charm while expanding its capacity to accommodate up to thirty enthusiasts.


What distinguishes Oniyanma is its unwavering commitment to impeccable balance. From the tantalizing texture of the noodles to the artfully concocted broth and the crisply fried tempura, each element contributes to an exquisite equilibrium when harmoniously united. The desire to indulge in their delectable offerings remains irresistible throughout the day, beckoning from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. – a literal journey from dawn to dusk for discerning udon enthusiasts.


In our selected Deluxe udon bowl, the canvas is adorned with slices of succulent beef belly and finely chopped fried tofu, complemented by a separate plate featuring a solitary shrimp, a vegetable tempura, and a delightful chicken tempura.


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