Japanese Snacks

Jagarico (じゃがりこ): Calbee’s Flagship – Irresistible Salty Snacks Crafted from Processed Fried Potatoes


Jagarico: Unleashing Flavorful Delight Across Japan

Debuting in 1995, “Jagarico” quickly endeared itself to hearts across Japan. Originating in Niigata Prefecture, it took a captivating two and a half years to spread its charm nationwide. The TV ad, with its rhythmic chant of “Jagarico, Jagarico, Jagarico,” not only ignited conversations but also fueled a robust sales momentum.

The timeless allure of Salad and Cheese flavors lies in their refreshing and rich profiles, respectively. Beyond these classics, regional variations like “Kyushu Soy Sauce” and exclusive editions such as “Cheese Tteok-bokki” and “Spicy Indian Curry” add an extra layer of flair.


Available not only in stores but also in game centers, Jagarico’s affordability is as noteworthy as its diverse textures and flavors, making it a convenient favorite. Its versatility extends to being a preferred companion for some, earning acclaim as the perfect “snack with alcohol.”

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