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Koala’s March or Koala No March (コアラのマーチ): Famous Japanese Snack – A Bite-Sized Chocolate Biscuit with a Sweet Filling

Koala No March

Koala’s March: 40 Years of Delightful Moments and Irresistible Flavor

Lotte’s “Koala’s March,” a celebrated confectionery marking its 40th anniversary in 2024, consistently delivers a delightful experience with a universally appealing taste and charming koala illustrations. This treat fosters heartwarming moments and social interactions, as people are eager to share their experiences.

The confection comes in two variations: chocolate and strawberry, each boasting a delectable filling within the bite-sized biscuit. The delicate, crispy biscuit envelops velvety chocolate, creating a petite size that is perfect for easy consumption, even for children. The distinctive koala illustrations, presented in various forms within each box, add an element of anticipation and enjoyment, further contributing to the confection’s widespread popularity.

Official Website: https://www.lotte.co.jp/products/brand/koala/

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