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[Tokyo] Shinjuku Food Guide: Five Best Ramen Restaurants in Shinjuku You Must Visit


Shinjuku boasts a diverse range of exceptional ramen options for enthusiasts. Notable establishments include Ramen Hayashida, known for its innovative menu and tokusei shoyu ramen; Ramen Takahashi Shinjuku Main Store, celebrated for its grilled flying fish salt ramen; “Ramen Nagi – Shinjuku Golden-gai Honkan,” praised for its dried bonito-based ramen; Soushi Menya Musashi, offering a delightful tsukemen experience; and “Ebisoba Ichigen Shinjuku branch,” impressing with its delicious shrimp ramen. These spots showcase the vibrant ramen scene in Shinjuku.

Ramen Hayashida – Shinjuku (らぁ麺 はやし田 新宿本店)

Ramen Hayashida, located near Shinjuku Marui Main Building, offers a unique dining experience with a simple décor and a vending machine for ordering. Despite being new to the ramen scene, it has become a frontrunner in the competitive district. The menu includes shoyu ramen, blackthroat seaperch soba, dipping ramen, and soup-less oil mixed noodles. The popular tokusei shoyu ramen features duck and daisen chicken broth with soy sauce tare. Noodles are from Kanno Seimenjo, established in 1953. The limited edition nodoguro soba is a seafood broth-based ramen, uncommon in ramen establishments. The menu also includes a chicken chazuke set. Expect long queues, and be aware that the restaurant may close if soup runs out.

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Ramen Takahashi Shinjuku Main Store (焼きあご塩らー麺たかはし 新宿本店)

Ramen Takahashi Shinjuku Main Store, located in Kabukicho, is known for its signature dish, grilled flying fish salt ramen. Situated conveniently near Seibu Shinjuku Station and JR Shinjuku Station East Exit, the clean and ticket-based establishment offers a menu featuring praised items like “Grilled Flying Fish Salt Ramen.” Its distinctive flavor and late operating hours in the heart of Shinjuku have made it popular with many, reflected in high ratings and positive reviews. A must-visit place for ramen enthusiasts in Shinjuku.

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Ramen Nagi – Shinjuku Golden-gai Honkan (すごい煮干ラーメン凪 新宿ゴールデン街店本館)

“Ramen Nagi – Shinjuku Golden-gai Honkan” is a popular ramen restaurant in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, known for its dried bonito-based ramen. The menu includes the “Amazing Dried Bonito Ramen” at 1000 yen, the “Special Amazing Dried Bonito Ramen” at 1600 yen, and the “Amazing Tsukemen” at 1500 yen. Renowned for its unique flavor and rich taste, the restaurant also receives praise for its inviting ambiance and attentive staff. Visitors to Shinjuku are recommended to try the acclaimed ramen at this establishment.

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Soushi Menya Musashi (創始 麺屋武蔵)

Soushi Menya Musashi is a renowned ramen restaurant known for its delicious and unique menu, named after the Japanese samurai Miyamoto Musashi. Noteworthy on the menu is the highly praised “tsukemen,” a style where noodles and soup are served separately. The restaurant, with its simple and calming atmosphere, not only offers delicious ramen but also conveys a serious dedication to the art of ramen-making. Soushi Menya Musashi is beloved for providing a unique dining experience, reflecting passion and dedication in each bowl of ramen, aiming to bring happiness and joy to its visitors.

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Ebisoba Ichigen Shinjuku Branch (えびそば一幻 新宿店)

“Ebisoba Ichigen Shinjuku Branch” offers a bright and welcoming interior with 13 counter seats for customers to observe the cooking process. The menu’s highlight is the “Ebisoba” (shrimp ramen) with three soup options: “straight,” “moderate,” and “full-bodied.” Known for its deliciousness and excellent service, the restaurant has received high ratings on food review platforms, attracting praise for the shrimp aroma and well-balanced noodle-soup combination. With a comfortable atmosphere and staff, it’s a popular choice for ramen enthusiasts in Shinjuku, expected to continue its success.

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