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[Tokyo] The 5 Best Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl) Restaurants in Tokyo

Oyakodon, a donburi or rice bowl dish, features a delightful combination of chicken, eggs, and onions simmered in warishita, a sweet sauce. The name “Oyako” signifies “parent and child,” highlighting the incorporation of both chicken and eggs. This savory dish is not confined to specific venues but is enjoyed across various establishments, including chicken specialty restaurants, family eateries, and even gyudon (beef bowl) chain restaurants. Dishes Japan presents a curated list of five top-rated Oyakodon restaurants in Tokyo for you to explore.

The widespread appeal of oyakodon in Japan stems from its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, making it equally suitable for home-cooked meals and dining out. The harmonious blend of chicken and eggs ensures a well-rounded nutritional profile, delivering a gratifying culinary experience. Oyakodon’s bowl format offers a comprehensive meal in a single dish, catering to the demands of individuals with busy schedules. Additionally, the integrated presentation of ingredients and rice in the bowl evokes a psychological connection, allowing diners to feel the familial bond between chicken and egg within the context of oyakodon. This beloved dish stands as a venerable part of Japan’s culinary heritage, boasting a simple yet profound taste and a rich historical background. We extend an invitation to relish the depth and history of oyakodon at your earliest convenience.

Oyakodon Senmonten Marukatsu (親子丼専門店〇勝)

Marukatsu, located in Ginza, Tokyo, is a hidden gem with eight counter seats offering a front-row view of the owner preparing meals. Specializing in oyakodon, a comforting chicken and egg dish over rice, the restaurant uses high-quality Nagoya Cochin chicken for a unique and delicious flavor. The savory soy sauce or traditional salt-based broth options add to the dish’s appeal. Despite potential crowding, the culinary experience at Marukatsu is well worth the wait.

Toritsune Shizendo (鳥つね 自然洞)

Toritsune Shizendo, located near JR Akihabara Station, specializes in Oyakodon, featuring Nagoya Cochin and Hinai Jidori chickens. Hinai Jidori offers a lively texture with a gamey taste, while Nagoya Cochin boasts a rich umami flavor. The lunchtime Tokujo (special) Oyakodon, limited to 20 bowls daily, uses premium “Nihon-ichi Kodawari Tamago” from Hyogo prefecture. The restaurant focuses on fatty female chickens raised for 160 to 180 days, providing a unique and high-quality dining experience.

Torimeshi Toritoh Bunten (鳥めし 鳥藤分店)

Torimeshi Toritoh Bunten, a chicken specialty restaurant in Tsukiji Outer Market, has been run by poultry wholesaler Toritoh since 1907. The menu, emphasizing chicken and rice dishes, features Oyakodon made with premium Daisen-dori chicken from Tottori and Okukuji-ran eggs from Ibaraki. Chefs butcher whole chickens daily for various dishes, and the restaurant offers a unique twist with Oyako Curry, combining oyakodon with curry for Japanese curry rice enthusiasts.

Kagurazaka Torijaya Bettei (別亭 鳥茶屋)

Kagurazaka Torijaya Bettei, located on Atamiyu Stairs, offers a traditional Japanese atmosphere and renowned Oyakodon. The dish features Fuji Kougen Chicken from Shizuoka and eggs from Ofunato, Iwate, simmered in a delicate blend of soy sauce, mirin, and kombu kelp broth. Patrons are drawn not only to the ambiance but also to the popular and carefully crafted Oyakodon, making it a must-try for those seeking traditional Japanese cuisine in a relaxed setting.

Tori Dining&Bar Goto

Tori Dining&Bar Goto, located near JR Shinjuku Station, offers an extraordinary oyakodon masterpiece featuring Tokyo Shamo chicken. The dish, known for its simplicity, highlights the expert searing of the chicken over Binchotan charcoal, resulting in succulent, tender meat with a crisp exterior. The experience is enhanced by the golden yolk, creating a harmonious blend of flavors with the velvety egg and umami-rich broth. This exclusive delight is a testament to oyakodon’s singularity among rice bowl dishes, providing a unique and satisfying culinary experience. The restaurant also offers additional variations, including the meticulously prepared “Kamadaki Kyukyoku (ultimate) Oyakodon.”

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