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[Tokyo] Shibuya Food Guide: Five Must-Visit Udon and Soba Restaurants in Shibuya

Eat your way through Shibuya with a guide to five must-visit udon and soba restaurants. Leading the way is Sagatani Shibuya Dogenzaka, celebrated for its ‘Juwari Soba,’ made entirely from 100% buckwheat flour and featuring an enchanting soba-making process visible at the counter since its establishment in 2011. This guide takes you through the diverse offerings of these establishments, contributing to Shibuya’s vibrant food scene. From the historic charm of Fukudaya in Dogenzaka Koji to the tranquil ambiance of Torotobou Udon near Shibuya Station, each venue offers a unique blend of tradition and flavor. Whether drawn to the artisanal craft of Menchirashi in Jingu-mae or the Kagawa-inspired excellence of Sanuki Udon Menki Yashima Shibuya Maruyamacho, this culinary journey promises a taste of Shibuya’s diverse and delectable udon and soba offerings, inviting you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of udon and soba culture while exploring the bustling district.

Sagatani Shibuya Dogenzaka (十割蕎麦嵯峨谷 渋谷東急本店前店)

“Sagatani Shibuya Dogenzaka,” situated in Shinsen, Shibuya-ku, is a renowned soba (buckwheat noodles) restaurant specializing in ‘Juwari Soba,’ crafted entirely from 100% buckwheat flour. Established in 2011, it garnered recognition through media coverage, providing an enchanting experience with a visible soba-making process at the counter. The menu features Juwari Soba, tempura, oyakodon, and more. There’s also a dedicated section for patrons to try their hand at soba-making. Serving as a representative of Japan’s soba culture, the restaurant is conveniently located near Jinsen Station, ensuring easy accessibility. For soba enthusiasts, particularly those intrigued by soba-making, “Sagatani Shibuya Dogenzaka” comes highly recommended as a cherished establishment.

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Sanuki Udon Menki Yashima Shibuya Maruyamacho (讃岐うどん 麺喜やしま 円山町店)

“Sanuki Udon Menki Yashima Shibuya Maruyamacho” provides a distinctive dining experience, rooted in Kagawa traditions and dedicated to replicating the flavors of the local udon establishment “Menki” in Tokyo. With a focus on preserving Kagawa’s traditional Sanuki udon craftsmanship, the restaurant offers a diverse menu of handcrafted noodle options. Highlights include delicious udon made from hand-kneaded noodles and a commitment to traditional production methods, creating a serene ambiance. In the broader context of Japanese culture, “Sanuki Udon” is significant in the diverse udon traditions of Japan, particularly Kagawa prefecture’s renowned unique methods and flavors. The restaurant is a popular destination, conveniently located near Shibuya and Daikanyama stations.

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Fukudaya (そば処 福田屋)

Fukudaya, a renowned soba restaurant since 1952, beckons visitors in Dogenzaka Koji near Shibuya Station. The hidden gem, nestled in a narrow alley, offers a retro ambiance with elegant seating options. Handcrafted soba noodles and delightful tempura highlight the menu, with a blend of 20% wheat and 80% buckwheat flour. The captivating atmosphere, coupled with glowing lanterns and an enchanting garden view, sets the stage for a culinary journey praised for its firm texture and delightful flavors. Located near Shibuya Station’s west exit, Fukudaya awaits those seeking a gastronomic adventure.

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Torotobou Udon (おうどん とろとろ房 渋谷店)

“Torotobou Udon” offers exquisite, handcrafted udon noodles in a tranquil setting that blends traditional and modern Japanese elements. Renowned for its exceptional taste and ambiance, “Torotobou Udon” is conveniently located, just a 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station, served by various rail lines. However, be prepared for potential wait times due to the establishment’s popularity.

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Menchirashi (麺散)

“Menchirashi,” a specialty Sanuki udon restaurant in Jingu-mae, opened in September 2018, has become a popular choice among the younger crowd in Harajuku. Renowned for its freshly made, cut, and boiled “3-tate” Sanuki udon crafted by skilled artisans, the broth features the finest bonito dashi. Menchirashi’s unique atmosphere blends elements of a downtown Western eatery, an American diner, and an upscale traditional Japanese restaurant. Conveniently located, it is a short 5-minute walk from Meiji Jingu-mae Station and a 10-minute walk from JR Harajuku Station.

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