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[Tokyo] Best Restaurants in Asakusa | Tokyo


Step into Asakusa, and you’ll find yourself transported to the refined Edo era. The streetscape is a beautiful testament to a bygone era, yet amidst this historical beauty lies a fierce battleground for the tastebuds – Asakusa’s downtown gourmet scene.

Here, popular restaurants boasting over a century of history are scattered throughout the area, each vying for the title of top gourmet spot. But fear not, dear reader, for I am here to guide you on a culinary journey through Asakusa’s must-eat gourmet restaurants. These culinary delights are the perfect representation of Asakusa’s unique and timeless charm.

Niku no Suzuki (肉のすずき)

The restaurant is located in the back alley of Asakusa Sensoji Temple. 

A fashionable silver front door makes it appear as if you are entering a commercial refrigerator. Inside is a cozy restaurant with a retro interior design and illustrations on the wall.

Tonkatsu Yutaka (とんかつ ゆたか)

Established in 1945, Tonkatsu Yutaka is in an alleyway about a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station. At first glance, you would not think it is a tonkatsu restaurant. The ambiance is a hybrid of Japanese and western styles with its tiled roof, brown-colored, noren (curtain), and Western-style metal hanging sign.

Located on a quiet side-street, customers can enjoy a meal in a relaxed, Japanese-style atmosphere. Generations of customers have enjoyed outstanding dishes served with the warm hospitality of this family-style restaurant.

Bentenyama Miyako Sushi (弁天山美家古寿司)

Bentenyama Miyako Sushi is located just a few blocks away from Sensoji Temple.  

Founded in 1866 at the end of the Edo period, the restaurant continues to preserve the classic techniques of Edomae sushi. The focus of this restaurant is offering authentic sushi at reasonable prices while keeping Edomae sushi traditions alive.

Yakitori Toribian (焼鳥トリビアン)

The restaurant is located to the north of Asakusa Sensoji Temple in an area known as Ura-Asakusa, (i.e. backside of Asakusa).

Management purchases Kaiji Shamo chicken directly from a farm in Yamanashi prefecture. The whole dressed chicken is seasoned and flavored differently piece by piece at its optimal temperature. Restaurant customers appreciate the chewy and juicy texture of the chicken.

Namiki Yabusoba (並木藪蕎麦)

Namiki Yabusoba is located on Namiki Street, just a few minutes away from Kaminarimon Gate of Sensoji Temple.  

This famous restaurant has been featured in popular television shows and magazines. The appearance of the restaurant is a defining feature of Namiki Yabusoba. After passing through the entrance, there is raised tatami-floored seating (”zashiki”) on the left and tables and seats on an earthen floor on the right. As usual, you will need to take off your shoes when entering the zashiki.

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