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[Chiba] Chibaya (横浜ラーメン 千葉家): Popular Iekei Ramen Delights Treasured in Chiba City


Chibaya: Chiba City’s Ramen Oasis Since 1999

Nestled in Chiba City’s vibrant Wakaba ward is the treasured “Chibaya,” a local gem celebrated for its delectable ramen. This esteemed establishment, flourishing since 1999, has earned accolades from devoted Iekei Ramen enthusiasts. Revel in the richness of Chibaya’s broth, flawlessly paired with hearty, thick noodles, adorned with a symphony of chashu, spinach, seaweed, and scallions.


The culinary spotlight here shines on the sumptuous broth and substantial noodles, free from any pork undertones. This light yet elegant broth promises a delightful journey to the very last spoonful. Customize your ramen adventure – from noodle firmness to flavor intensity and oil quantity. Elevate your experience with a dash of garlic, half a portion of bean paste, a hint of ginger, and a touch of pepper, conveniently at your table.


Chibaya stands as a revered haven for ramen aficionados, beckoning locals and visitors alike. With its pristine ambiance, swift service, and warm staff, this ramen sanctuary is a must-visit. Conveniently located a brief stroll from Mitsuwadai Station on Chiba Urban Monorail Line 2, it graces the residential area’s main thoroughfare, proudly offering a unique Iekei-style ramen experience.

  • Name: Chibaya
  • Address: 4-17-22 Mitsuwadai, Wakaba-ku, Chiba 
  • Phone: +81-(0)43-284-0069
  • Hours: 11:00 – 20:00 
  • Closed On: Mondays
  • Number of Seats: 12
  • Budget: – JPY1,000 
  • Payment Options: Cash Only

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