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Best Donburi Restaurants for Lunch in Akasaka | Tokyo

Enchanting Akasaka: A Fusion of Heritage and Culinary Delights

With origins tracing back to the early Edo era, Akasaka flourishes—a realm of temples, shrines, and verdant parks, exuding tranquility. A recent revitalization encompasses commercial, cultural, and international elements, melding history with modernity. Akasaka emerges as an enticing convergence of past and present, a haven for gastronomy. Its diverse restaurant scene, including sushi, Japanese classics, and yakiniku, enthralls. Dishes Japan introduces three esteemed eateries, crafting exquisite rice-bowl dishes in Akasaka’s heart.

Tenshige (天ぷら 天茂)

Tenshige is a renowned Showa-era tempura restaurant founded in 1964, offering an authentic taste of tradition. With its legacy upheld by the current owner, the restaurant provides regular and kakiage tendon options for lunch, along with an omakase course featuring expertly fried classic prawns, Conger eel, and seasonal vegetables for dinner. Tenshige stands out due to its non-greasy tempura, crispy exterior, and fluffy interior, creating a nostalgic atmosphere that pays homage to the past.

Kappo Wachi (割烹 和知)

Kappo Wachi is a charming and cozy restaurant in Akasaka, known for its warm atmosphere and history. The interior blends traditional and modern elements, offering a choice of seating. The standout dish is the Tekka-don, featuring high-quality tuna served with well-prepared sushi rice. The restaurant’s miso soup with clams is also a highlight. Kappo Wachi provides a unique and authentic dining experience, making it a local favorite for years.

Kaisuian (會水庵)

Kaisuian near Akasaka Sacas is a popular spot for lunch, known for its mesmerizing charcoal grilling process. Their star dishes include sardine and conger eel donburi. The “Yaki Iwashi-don” offers savory grilled sardines, while the “sardine donburi” features young sardines. For conger eel lovers, there’s the “grilled conger eel donburi” and “Anago Tamago Fuwa Fuwa,” with fluffy eggs. The dishes are presented beautifully, and the conger eel and egg combination creates a memorable culinary experience. The conger eel’s tenderness and the eggs’ custard-like texture blend harmoniously, leaving a lasting taste sensation.

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