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Culinary Delights near Hakone: Discover Odawara’s Finest Restaurants

Recommendations on where to eat in Odawara | Kanagawa

Odawara is a city in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, renowned for its diverse culinary offerings, including French and Italian cuisine, seafood, sushi, and oden. But that’s not all—this hidden gem also boasts esteemed eel restaurants and ramen shops. Additionally, Odawara has a rich historical background and is blessed with natural beauty.

Once a thriving castle town under the Hojo clan and a prominent post town on the Tokaido Odawara-shuku, Odawara now serves as an essential destination for Hakone tourism. It features a breathtaking coastal line along Sagami Bay and the majestic Mount Hakone, which adds to its allure. Exploring historical treasures like Odawara Castle allows visitors to experience the region’s heritage firsthand.

While in Odawara, don’t miss the opportunity to try local specialties such as kamaboko (fish cake) and ume (plum), which will satisfy your taste buds. To reach Odawara from Hakone, you can enjoy a scenic 30-minute drive by car or a leisurely 15-minute train ride on the Hakone Tozan Railway or the Romancecar.

Why not make a pit stop in Odawara on your way to Hakone? Indulge in culinary delights, immerse yourself in history, and soak in the natural beauty that awaits you. Odawara invites you to embark on a journey that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

[Kanagawa] Unagitei Tomoei (うなぎ亭 友栄)

Unagitei Tomoei is a restaurant located near Kazamatsuri Station in Kanagawa prefecture, known for serving ao-unagi (blue eel). The eels are farm-raised and preserved in a tank using Hakone spring water. The restaurant offers grilled ao-unagi over rice with a delicious sweet sauce. They also serve kamaboko, a fish cake procured from Suzuhiro Company, which is known for its healthy and additive-free production process.

[Kanagawa] Menan Chitose (麺庵ちとせ)

Menan Chitose is a restaurant located near Kazamatsuri Station in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. The owner, Genki Mishima, is a self-taught chef with a passion for perfecting ramen. The restaurant’s signature dish is a soy-sauce based ramen made with domestically sourced ingredients and chemical-free additives. They also serve high-quality Tantanmen (Dan Dan Noodles). The article suggests using Google Maps to find the exact location of the restaurant.

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