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[Tokyo] Hakata Tenjin No.1 (博多天神 新橋1号店): Eye-catching Hakata Ramen Shop in Shinbashi: Free Extra Noodles!


Hakata Tenjin: Shinbashi’s Premier Ramen Destination

Hakata Tenjin in Shinbashi is the go-to spot for a final dish to close your evening, known as “shime”. The No.1 branch in Minato Ward, Tokyo, is renowned for its tonkotsu ramen and reasonable prices. Pay just ¥600 for a bowl of ramen and receive complimentary kaedama (extra noodles) after your first serving. Open until late, it’s perfect for business professionals and tourists alike, and a familiar spot for Tokyo residents. While it’s not located in Fukuoka’s Hakata, it’s a top-notch tonkotsu ramen shop exclusive to Tokyo.


Originating from Hakata Ward, Fukuoka Prefecture, Hakata ramen features cloudy tonkotsu broth and thin straight noodles, customizable to your liking. This casual enjoyment of regional cuisine in urban settings embodies Japan’s culinary richness. With swift service, it’s the ideal spot for a quick, affordable meal.


Find Hakata Tenjin Shinbashi No.1 just a 3-minute walk from SL Plaza at JR Shinbashi Station, with a nearby No.2 branch indicating high demand. Situated in Tokyo’s office district, Shinbashi Station ensures a bustling crowd at all times.

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