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Komeda Coffee (コメダ珈琲店): The Signature Shiro-Noir Danish Paired Perfectly with Coffee

Komeda Coffee Shiro-Noir

Shiro-Noir: The Ultimate Coffee House Delight

Shiro-Noir, a signature offering from Komeda Coffee, blends the warmth of Danish pastry with the cool delight of soft-serve ice cream. This delectable treat features a sumptuous Danish, meticulously crafted with 64 layers of flaky, fragrant pastry, and a creamy soft-serve ice cream known for its milky richness and gentle sweetness, enhancing the Danish’s exquisite flavor. A drizzle of syrup adds to its culinary allure.

Shiro-Noir comes in two sizes: the large, with 933 kilocalories, and the mini, a more modest 422 kilocalories. Notably, you can opt to replace the soft-serve ice cream with indulgent whipped cream at no extra charge.

Komeda Coffee introduces seasonal variations of Shiro-Noir, featuring unique collaborations such as “White Black Thunder,” an exclusive from Hokkaido, and “White Lover,” each infusing Shiro-Noir with distinctive flavors through special spreads and chocolate infusions.

Shiro-Noir represents one of Komeda Coffee’s standout menu items, cherished by a diverse array of patrons.

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