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[Tokyo] Nikumeshi Okamoto Shimbashi Branch (肉めし岡もと 新橋店): Shimbashi’s Donburi Haven

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A Taste of Tradition and Innovation

Introducing Nikumeshi Okamoto Shimbashi Branch, a remarkable eatery in Tokyo’s vibrant district of Shimbashi. Nestled just a minute away from the renowned JR Shimbashi Station, this place is a true gem. What sets it apart is its pièce de résistance, the delectable “Niku-meshi” or “meat rice.” Imagine succulent beef sukiyaki adorning a bed of perfectly cooked rice – each bite is a symphony of flavors, thanks to a rich broth infused with simmered meat, tofu, and a dash of secret seasoning. But there’s more to this place than its extraordinary dish. 

Step inside and be transported to a bygone era as Nikumeshi Okamoto Shimbashi Branch exudes an endearing and unpretentious nostalgia, reminiscent of simpler times. Here, you can savor their enticing rice bowl offerings that cater to the fast-paced lives of the beloved salarymen who frequent the esteemed district of Shimbashi. It’s no wonder this place has the potential to win the hearts of many.

Delving deeper into its cultural significance, Nikumeshi Okamoto Shimbashi Branch proudly carries the torch of the traditional nikumeshi-ya, a revered institution that has endured since the Showa era. Yet, it gracefully adapts to the demands of the modern era, striking the perfect balance between heritage and innovation. This unique Japanese rice bowl dish, known as nikumeshi, is an epitome of culinary artistry, meticulously crafted to captivate the discerning Japanese palate.

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Now, let’s explore the tantalizing menu, presented in reverse order. First up is the standard “Niku-meshi,” featuring a tantalizing combination of tender meat and tofu atop fluffy rice. Next, the “Niku Tamameshi” tempts with its irresistible blend of “Niku-meshi” accompanied by a piping hot poached egg. Then, we have the mouthwatering “Tokuniku-meshi,” a harmonious ensemble of “niku-meshi” complemented by simmered daikon radish and a perfectly boiled egg. Lastly, behold the grand finale, the “Gyu Suki-Niku-Meshi” – an opulent bowl showcasing succulent slices of beef reminiscent of sukiyaki, presented in all its glory. For this special occasion, Dishes Japan opted for the unforgettable “Tokuniku-Meshi.”

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Prepare to be enchanted as you savor the meaty delight of nikumeshi. Simmered to perfection, the meat is joined by tender burdock root and konnyaku, yielding a melt-in-your-mouth texture that leaves you pleasantly astonished. The sauce, reminiscent of the rich broth found in oden or the savory allure of gyudon, imparts a delightful sweetness that lingers on your taste buds. At Nikumeshi Okamoto Shimbashi Branch, you’ll experience a culinary journey that combines tradition with innovation, transporting you to a realm of unforgettable flavors.

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